Review – Is it a scam?

Million Dollar Incomes is a website that offers another work-at-home opportunity. In this website, Michelle Boudreau, a TV personality and the author of the “Healthy Habits of Wealthy People”, and Sara Douglas, the spokesperson of the program claim that one can work within the comfort of their own home and still earn a huge sum of money.

More about MillionDollarIncomes

Douglas claims that through the program being offered by the website, she was able to earn twice as what she gets from her old job. She further claimed that she was able to do that in just 3 months, working only 1-4 hours per day.

The Million Dollar Program costs $97, which is discounted from its original price of $197. Once you sign up in this program, you will be granted access to step by step videos which will provide you with training on how to do link posting. Also, by signing up on this program, you will be given access to the Members’ Development area, lifetime access to the VIP Members’ area, and unlimited personal support.

The program offers 2 Month Make Money or It’s Free satisfaction guarantee. This policy will provide refunds to members who are not able to make money  with the system within 2 months.

Final thoughts on

The problem with Million Dollar Program is the way it presents link posting. Link posting is an example of affiliate marketing where one earns through commission when a sale is made through the links being posted and not just by posting links as what the website describes it.

There are free resources online that you could use to learn the different practices of affiliate marketing. Check on them first before you sign up for any program being offered online.

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