HealthPointe 2.0 Review

HealthPointe 2.0 of is a weight loss program that focuses on a reduced carbohydrates and balanced protein-diet. In addition to this special diet, it also endorses Nutrilite brand supplements which include multivitamins and omega 3.

This weight loss program is available to countries like Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.  It claims to make use of weight loss concepts that are easy and simple to use.

More about HealthPointe 2.0

By signing up in this weight loss program, you will be given a user guide which basically includes the key points to remember while in the program, 10 different menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, serving size and carb count, and bits of information needed during the “Add in Food Period” and “Long Term Health Maintenance.”

Aside from the user guide, members will also be provided with a journal which also serves as a food diary, 6 Health and Wellness DVDs that contain tips from fitness experts, and a pedometer to keep track of the activity level.

The Pros and Cons

The weight loss program being offered by HealthPointe 2.0 has received varied reviews from people who have used it. A lot of people commend its efficacy with some even claiming to have lost a few kilos in just a week. Other people though find the program expensive.

Final thoughts on HealthPointe 2.0

Unlike other weight loss programs that only focuses on a special kind of diet, HealthPointe 2.0 keeps a balance between eating the right kind of food and having an active lifestyle. The pedometer, which comes in every package for new members, is meant to motivate users to move more. However, this may not be for everyone especially for those who don’t want to pay hefty amounts for a weight loss program.

Please leave your comments or your experience with HealthPointe 2.0 below; it helps others.

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