Paid Online web surveys in Canada

When joining a paid survey site the first thing i want to make clear is never pay to do surveys online. If you’ve ever been a part of survey company you know that you won’t qualify for every single survey another thing online surveys typical don’t pay $100’s of dollars per survey. You Can however make that much to shop online through a survey company but to take an online survey typically doesn’t pay $100’s of dollars per hour.

Joining Web Survey Companies In Canada

If you are going to make a passive income online doing online surveys it’s a good idea to join a Canadian survey site. Most of the survey sites are targeting American consumers and if you join those ones you won’t see allot of survey offers which if you are like me you will just quit.

Taking online surveys is pretty easy you just want to make sure you join survey companies that pay you to take surveys. Don’t feel obligated to every single survey but it’s a good idea to some and do them as soon as you get them as they will expire if you want to long.

Below are the 2 survey companies I recommend for Canadians looking to make money online doing web surveys.

Web Perspectives – This company is exclusive to Canadians they do pay and they do send out allot of Surveys Join them today.

Survey Club – This is more of a directory that will line you up with free survey sites

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