Export Development Canada Will Make Available $1.6Billion in Commercial Financing Initiatives – December 18, 2018,

Now, when you listen to or read about what’s going on in Alberta, the mainstream news outlets will frame it as if Ottawa or Justin Trudeau is simply giving Alberta $1.6 Billion dollars, but this is not what’s happening, first off it’s a loan, secondly only a handful of companies will even qualify for this $1.6 Billion, thirdly and anyone on any type of Government welfare understands that if you take Government money, your business or life has to operate or adhere to strict Government regulations, making matters worse is that the Federal government wants it’s money back and will use these loans as a way to push their political agendas.

Now, the main reason why $1.6Billion in Commercial Financing Initiatives is being sold to Canadians as “Ottawa gives struggling oil sector $1.6B boost” is because the Liberal Government and its supporters who are now the majority of Canadian media want Alberta and Albertans to seem like whiners and complainers, when Trudeau runs for re-election. Trudeau already knows there’s no way he’s going to win Alberta in the Federal election, however if when Trudeau runs his campaign he makes it appear as though Alberta is struggling because of market forces, selling dirty Oil or simply being mean-spirited many Canadians will buy in, especially if major of Canadians simply hear that Ottawa gives struggling oil sector $1.6B boost.

In the average Canadian mind, this means that the Federal Government wrote Alberta a check for $1.6 Billion dollars, which is obviously not true, but most Canadians outside of Alberta won’t dive into or understand the details of Trudeau’s Commercial Financing Initiatives. I have to add something regarding Trudeau’s Cabinet and that is that they’re becoming hated more and more every day. Now, this shouldn’t be confused with some people who will vote Left or Liberal no matter what.

I’ve met people in Ontario, who quite frankly will vote Liberal no matter what, however, what I see happening in Canada, which is very unusual is that the people that don’t like Justin Trudeau and his cabinet really, really hate them. This is one of the reasons why I write a few articles about the growing feud between Quebec and Alberta, the Quebec referendum of 1995 if it were to happen again, could very well be the time where Quebec is no longer a Canadian province. Unlike in 1995, the Quebec economy is around 40%+ Public Sector(including Provincial Crown Corporations) and what this means based on the populational size of Quebec is that without Canada, their economy is toast.

Now, more than ever Quebec is extremely dependent on the generosity of the rest of Canada and if Trudeau wins another term, his globalist immigration scheme isn’t going to stop and even more so than Alberta, Quebec is anti-immigrant. I say this primarily because if Trudeau wins another term a 1995 style Quebec referendum is a very real possibility, quite frankly it wouldn’t surprise me if The Bloc Québécois, the federal political party in Canada devoted to Quebec nationalism and the promotion of Quebec sovereignty doesn’t make a comeback. Scheer, in my opinion, has little to no chance of winning the Federal election, I do think Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party is a little young and think by default a lot of Canadians will vote Liberal and I’m just being honest this to me looks like a very combustible situation, because I’ve never seen this much hatred for a Prime Minister of Canada before. I mean Justin Trudeau has really pissed Canadians off.

Justin Trudeau similar to Kathleen Wynne is vote buying, the difference with Kathleen Wynne, however, is that she got two terms before Ontarians said enough is enough, what might happen with Trudeau is that Canadian voters, might give Justin a second chance and I think when the working middle classes and businesses alike visualize another 3 years with Justin Trudeau, we’re going to see a different Canada. What Trudeau has done inadvertently is he’s offended a lot of people, it’s important to note however that, he has bought off a lot of Canadians, I have to remind my readers who enjoy working, that there are a lot of Canadians who enjoy NOT WORKING and see Justin Trudeau as their meal ticket to more Universal Welfare schemes.

It amazes me when I hear some people actually believing that machines will be able to do everything for us in the very near future. Autonomous Cars will be on the road, but I think a lot of people forget the limitations of autonomous Cars and trucks, the world has a hacker problem now? Do people honestly think that autonomous cars won’t malfunction or be hackable in the future, do humans honestly think that humans won’t have to monitor autonomous vehicles? Do humans honestly think that humans wouldn’t be the ones doing maintenance for autonomous vehicles? Do humans honestly think that humans wouldn’t be loading and unloading the materials off of these trucks?

Do people honestly think that humans won’t be at the border inspecting the goods in these autonomous trucks and cars? Do people forget that engineers make more money than Truck drivers and autonomous vehicles are heavily dependent on Engineers? Costs may actually go up for autonomous vehicles because smarter people demand more money for the jobs they do, engineers are also harder to hold onto because let’s be honest, once you’re an engineer, there’s almost nothing you can’t do, no industry you can’t take over, no job that can hold you hostage.

Furthermore, they’ll only be a handful of companies that will be able to afford a fleet of autonomous vehicles, because autonomous vehicles will require software and other types of engineers, also what’s likely to happen with autonomous vehicles is an increase in tow trucks. What’s also often ignored about autonomous vehicles are fueling stations, whether it’s electric or gas powered, whose going to fuel these autonomous vehicles? Are these individuals not going to get paid? Might these individuals and companies not gauge the autonomous vehicles? when new technology is rolled out its never smooth sailing, I bring this stuff up because what I see is a clash in the direction of society and this is one of the reasons why the government shouldn’t be picking winners and losers and offering loans to private companies to do the governments bidding, because you end up with unintended consequences.

Trudeau may have bought off or made some friends, but he’s also created a lot of enemies and some of the enemies Trudeau created are not only free marketers he’s also made enemies with Canada’s socialists and well, if Trudeau wins this coming election Canada is going to have a whole new set of problems, is that he’s really, really hated by a large segment of Canada’s private sector working class. Now, I want you to pay close attention to the wording used in the articles below because the true story is not that Ottawa gives struggling oil sector $1.6B boost, the truth is what I titled this blog post “Export Development Canada Will Make Available $1.6Billion in Commercial Financing Initiatives” meaning that the Federal Government will have the final say in all of Alberta’s energy projects. This again is vote buying and this won’t end well.

Interesting times ahead