How to profit from Traffic Swarm and Planet Traffic as an Advertiser

Today I received a comment asking me about how to profit from sites like Traffic Swarm and Planet traffic and my guess is people want to know how to profit from,, clixsense and the other very large Paid too or traffic exchange type of sites as an Advertiser. Well it’s actually quite simple but be warned there is some risk involved.

Understanding the types of people that sign up for these opportunities

I’ve spent over a decade making money online and the area I started off in was paid to read emails, at this time I participated in forums and did the whole nine yards, the lesson I found out about in regards to advertising on Paid to read emails sites is that first the program you’re promoting should be easy to do. You must grasp that the people on these get paid too/ traffic exchange sites are typically very lazy people and want a program to promote that’s easy to use and is fully automated.

All these people want to do is pay their money and get their very own link to fully automated money making website. If you can’t fully grasp this concept don’t bother advertising on Paid too and traffic exchange websites. The next lesson you must learn is repetition is the key to making sales on traffic exchanges and paid too websites. I will let you in on a little secret about something a lot of paid to read email site owners we’re doing.

They we’re creating paid to read email and Paid to click sites just to get people to sign up for their GDI website. After they made a few thousand dollars from GDI they’d shut down their paid too website.  Some of you reading this remember that GDI has a special whereby if you signed 5 people up in a week you’d qualify for a I think it was a $100 -$200 bonus. Well believe me when I say that there were a lot of people taking full advantage of this.

Understanding your market

So allow me to reiterate the main points above which are to advertise easy to implement programs that are being promoted by everybody else.  Don’t try to reinvent the wheel unless you have a huge advertising budget. Also don’t promote a program that’s on its way down. Research the programs you’re promoting make sure it’s a profitable program and that’s it is still paying its members because word gets around fast online. One last thing try to find get rich quick programs that are on the rise.

Final thoughts

Unless you have a huge advertising budget to spend advertising on sites like Planet traffic or traffic swarm I highly recommend riding the bandwagon first. Riding the bandwagon means promote what everybody else is promoting. If you’ve ever used I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of there are plenty of people promoting that site another site that’s being heavily promoted right now is I’m not recommending that you promote these websites I only use them to give you an idea of the kinds of websites that make money traffic swarm and Planet traffic.

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