President Joe Biden signs a record number of executive orders

President Joe Biden signs a record number of executive orders

Paul Krugman Bet Big on a ‘Biden Boom’ That Never Happened, a theory on why the New York Times opinion columnist got it wrong – August 6, 2022,


In the modern era, even mentioning economists like Paul Krugman is pointless; Richard D. Wolff, Thomas Piketty, these economists who have concluded that SOCIALISM or some sort of Big government or large organizational structure is the only path to prosperity. One can’t deny the influence people like Paul Krugman have on individuals who don’t know any better, but for people like me, Paul Krugman is more of a political hack.

Now, as an economist, you should know that Capitalism works; as an economist, you can conclude that capitalism needs restraints or regulations, but once you comprehend that capitalism works, you should at the very least be able to comprehend the likelihood of what putting restraints on economic activity will do.

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When Joe Biden became President of the United States, he signed a record number of executive orders, many which revolve around RESTRICTING economic activity. If you want to phase out fossil fuels, fine, but our current economy runs Petroleum, so the moment Joe Biden declared war on DOMESTIC energy derived from fossil fuels, common sense would tell you not to bet big on a “Biden Boom”?

Paul Krugman did it anyway; I assume Krugman didn’t like Donald Trump; by hook or by crook, Joe Biden got the most votes in U.S history, he became president, and let’s be honest Paul Krugman had the right to remain silent. Paul Krugman could have said something along the lines of “America elected the better man for the job,” but no, Paul Krugman put his career on the line and predicted a Biden Boom; that hasn’t happened yet.

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Why the Biden Boom hasn’t happened should have been obvious the first day Joe Biden was in office when signed a record number of executive orders; who does that? Prior to Donald Trump, Barack Obama, who enjoyed a presidency in which interest rates were basically left at zero, couldn’t get any growth; now, why would anyone assume Joe Biden, Obama’s former VP, could do any better?

I’m not going to waste time writing about Paul Krugman because he’s not worth the effort; my main reason for making this post is that the internet has given rise to challenging, flawed opinions. Prior to the internet, it wouldn’t matter how many times Paul Krugman got it wrong; his authority would be nearly impossible to be challenged.

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Paul Krugman types have been spreading misinformation for decades now; lots of wars and a lot of death have happened because of so-called experts. Poverty, in my opinion, is the direct result of misinformation, if I had no idea how the economy works, I’d trust Paul Krugman because he’s on the New York Times, and the New York Times has been around long enough that they warrant trust from the public.

Why we’re seeing censorship reaching new levels is because the old orthodoxy doesn’t stand a chance to COMMON sense economics. The old guard knows it, and they’re, at best, the beneficiaries of IGNORANCE. Do I think this going to hurt Paul Krugman? No! Because unless you comprehend basic economics, you likely won’t even remember what Paul Krugman said, nor will you care about him.

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Both Richard D. Wolff and Thomas Piketty are still pushing their socialist agendas, and they have genuine followers of their work. Both use solving wealth inequality as their rallying cry, and who can blame people for latching onto their views? We all want a better world after all; where I differ from individuals who imagine a ruling class should take on a larger role in the economy is that, IGNORE existing regulations on the economy that are fueling wealth inequality and the Wolff, Piketty types do this because they’ve already concluded that capitalism should be ABOLISHED!

I, on the other hand, JUSTIFY why democracy leans more towards socialism. The ancient Greeks taught us why pure Democracy doesn’t work; Socrates was permanently CENSORED for daring to point out the flaws in Democracy, and you’ll notice a common theme amongst Left Wing types to CENSOR their opposition, which is problematic, to say the least, because if people like myself are not allowed to express our views society is headed for ruin.

You might argue that my views are too extreme, well if you know anything about Communism, first it starts with my views being to the extreme, then eventually your views are too extreme, and anyone who doesn’t speak or behave in the manner the Chinese Communist Party deems allowable is then CENSORED! I used to enjoy destroying White Supremacy as an example, but then the internet decided to ban them from the internet?

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Get rid of those racists, many argued, censor them don’t give them a platform. Well, now that people excepted that, the Left WIngers have now expanded what White Supremacism is, now, you can be an Asian or Black white Supremacist if you don’t share the same views as people on the Left Wing of the political spectrum.

How the Left-wingers will explain or justify their abuse of Asian or Black people who don’t share their opinions is that these rogue individuals are trying to fight for white supremacy because they don’t think in the manner we want them to think. How this test back to Paul Krugman is that he’s been getting it WRONG for a long time, yet he is still held it in high regard.

I argue he’s held in high regard because he’s pushing a popular agenda. The reader should know that National Socialism was once a popular agenda, the Cuban Revolution was once a popular agenda, Hugo Chavez’s socialism was once a popular agenda, and Democracy, in general, revolves around popular agendas. Democracy is indeed a MOB for of RULE!

Why we want people who are NOT biased in the media is to EDUCATE the mob, marxism is NOT debunked idea; Marxism is indeed an extreme form of Socialism, but National Socialism(Nazism) is also an extreme form of Socialism, and both were indeed economic systems that require a BIG GOVERNMENT. Why Capitalism is a superior economic system to Socialism is because it aligns with Liberty and Freedom.

Is capitalism perfect? Ofcourse not, but we’re no longer having honest conversations about what’s not perfect about capitalism; instead, the socialists are attempting to act as if Socialism is a superior option when it’s clearly not. If we’re to be honest, Socialism and Communism need more money than capitalism does.

As I like to point out, one of the flaws in capitalism is DEFLATION, meaning a lack of money. Capital has to be EARNED in a capitalist society, and a lot of people do not like this component of capitalism. Socialism and communism cannot work under a barter arrangement; Capitalism can work using barter. Bitcoin isn’t money, yet WITHOUT the assistance of government, people attached value to it.

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If we were to abolish capital, explain to me how a socialist economy would function WITHOUT slavery. How do you pay taxes without money? How do you redistribute resources without money? In a freedom-based economy, the capital is merely a CONVENIENT medium of exchange. This is why lovers of Big government want a CENTRAL BANK!

Capitalists can turn ANYTHING into money; socialists are terrified of a monetary system in which the government can’t confiscate the medium of exchange. Socialists are redistributionists; they’re power hungry in that way, most socialists are unaware that their views are similar to that of an authoritarian. They want to FORCE you to include them in your innovations, thereby LIMITING productivity.

One of the most annoying things I hear is people who want to regulate Bitcoin. Why do people want to regulate Bitcoin? Because deep down, a lot of people are indeed authoritarian, they’ve already concluded in their own minds that humanity needs a ruling class, which is preposterous in my view. I’ve lived in many neighborhoods in which crime is EXTREMELY low, and most of the people go out of their way to care for their neighbors.

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Why this happens, in my view, is that everyone is contributing to the greater society, and the great thing about Capitalism is BANKRUPTCIES. In a capitalist society, bad ideas are allowed to FAIL. Socialism from an economic perspective has failed plenty of times; in fact, in the modern era, socialism fails faster; the only thing preventing socialism from failure in the modern era is the confidence in the RULE by FIAT MONETARY system!

The acceptance of the centralization of money has benefited the socialists greatly, but they don’t even claim credit for the modern financial system; why? Because there are too many FREE MARKET components in it. In Cuba, what most people don’t understand is that it’s the Cuban government’s ISOLATIONIST policies that fuels poverty on the Island.

Now, what are isolationist policies exactly? Limits on trade, censorship of speech, limits on economic activity, and a fiat monetary system that is entirely controlled by the Cuban government. In western nations like the United States, their fiat monetary system is promoted GLOBALLY, you can own a U.S dollar in Africa and it will be accepted.

Now, one should ask, why is this? The answer is the capitalistic aspects of the U.S dollar; in most nations, the governemnts don’t want their currency to appreciate too high because it might hurt trade or the government might lose control of it. The U.S took the opposite approach, similar to a Gold Standard. The U.S wants every nation on earth to use its currency.

Why haven’t the Socialists taken credit for the modern monetary system? Because regulations are a huge component of CONSUMER PRICE INFLATON. Now, I don’t know if Paul Krugman even understands this, but as I pointed out that in Cuba, people of the world would GLADLY trade in Cuban pesos and even help grow the Cuban economy if the Cuban government didn’t have so many REGULATIONS on economic activity.

China is a communist country, but from an economic perspective, the Chinese people are more CAPITALISTIC than people in the U.S. The Chinese government, however, DOES NOT believe in freedom of speech or freedom of bodily autonomy. The Chinese government hit’s own rule of law, which makes it UNATTRACTIVE to a lot of people. But if you want to build something, Communist China is far more attractive than the capitalist United States.

Why I bring this up is because the Paul Krugman types being given these platforms don’t allow us to have GENUINE discussions about economics. Humanity would be better off without all of this silly censorship. What works vs. what doesn’t work? Let’s stop giving things labels and pushing theories and instead look at what’s really happening in the economy because all signs point to REGULATIONS being the root causes of poverty.

Why it was so easy for many of us to know Paul Krugman didn’t know what he was talking about was because of what Joe Biden did the moment he became President. When has tax, regulateand spend ever worked? No strong economy ever happened when a governemnt increased taxes, increased regulations on economic activity and spent money on UNPROVEN economic ideas.

Solar and wind seem nice, but should we be destroying fossil fuels for their benefit? Should we also regulate fossil fuels out of existence because a small group of idiots imagines that the climate is changing because of man-made activity? We all know science is CENTRALIZED, meaning that if you’re a scientist and want government funding you’d better fall in line with the political agenda. Tax something, you’ll get less of it, this is common sense, and Europe should have taught everyone that this is the case as Europe struggles to grow economically because it taxes and regulates almost every part of its economy.

I bring up all of this because Paul Krugman is a joke to many of us, but a lot of people genuinely take this man seriously and hold him in high regard. Stop the censorship!

New York Times’ Paul Krugman mocked for claiming the economy is experiencing a ‘Biden Boom’ |

Interesting times ahead!