Review – Is it a scam?

Saving Star is a new website that creates a different approach to coupon grocery shopping. It’s the digital age version where consumers can still enjoy the savings from coupons minus the bulk and hassle of printing out and carrying around the paper coupons.

Registration is needed in order to get started. Signing up is totally free of charge and can be accomplished within just a few minutes.

How Saving Star Works

Right after creating a profile in Saving Star, you can then register your grocery and retail store loyalty cards. Registration of these cards is needed as your chosen eCoupons will be loaded digitally unto these cards.

Once you have registered your loyalty card and have chosen coupon offers, you’re now ready to shop. It’s important to note that using your loyalty card with the eCoupons in it will not change the total at checkout and savings will not be printed on the receipt. What Saving Star does is accumulate all your savings in your account within 2-30 days. Once you’ve reached $5 savings in your Saving Star account, you can then choose from the following options to cash out: direct deposit into your bank account, PayPal, Amazon gift card or charity donation.

Final thoughts on

With the way works, it appears to be a legit site for those who wanted a new approach in the use of coupons for grocery shopping. Another reason why shoppers should try this website is because its digital version of coupons can help minimize paper waste.

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