Established in 1985, Seattle Sutton of is a premium meal delivery service based in Illinois. The company aims to help those who wish to lose weight and those who wanted to reduce the risks of certain lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and heart diseases by providing nutritionally-balanced, healthy, and tasty meals. Seattle Sutton provides a five week rotational menu, giving the consumers the option to choose between the 1,200 and 2,000 calories per day.

More about Seattle Sutton

The way Seattle Sutton works is no longer unique as its system is similar to other meal delivery services that you can find in the diet and weight loss market. Aside from giving the dieters the option to choose their daily calorie intake, they are also provided with the freedom to choose between full and half hamper. By choosing the full hamper, users will get a total of 21 meals in a week while the half hamper, which provides the user with an opportunity to cook for himself/herself, will provide them with 12 meals.

Compared to other meal delivery services, Seattle Sutton doesn’t have specific meal plan for clients who are vegetarians. What they do instead is advice the dieter to remove the meat on every meal, which isn’t really a practical option. As for the fitness part, the company doesn’t have a fitness program though it encourages members to supplement their diet with regular exercise.

Final thoughts on

While it’s a good thing that Seattle Sutton provides dieters with the option to choose their daily calorie intake and the number of meals they’d like to have per week, the fact that it doesn’t offer specific meal plans for vegetarians is a bad thing. Removing meat for every meal isn’t a practical choice considering the fact that Seattle Sutton offers one of the most expensive meal delivery services in the market nowadays. Thus, this program is ideal for those people who don’t have meal specifications.

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