Slimmm is an Australian-brand that caters to the needs of those who wanted to lose weight. Its range of products are carefully thought of to suit the modern lifestyle and to provide weight loss solution that doesn’t call for crash diets. Its nutritious, well-balanced, and scientifically-based program is easy to use for anyone who wanted to shed extra pounds and keep it that way forever.

More about Slimmm

The meal replacement program of Slimmm recommends eating 3 meals and 3 snacks per day and have a breakout day once a week. The breakout day allows you to enjoy social events with family and friends while still sticking with the guidelines of the program.

The program entails replacing 2 meals a day with Slimmm shakes or bars, having one balanced meal, and healthy snacks thrice a day (morning, afternoon, and evening). The Slimmm Meal Replacement Program is designed to increase your protein intake and minimize the consumption of carbohydrates in a day.

Slimmm claims that its meal replacement shakes are scientifically formulated to reduce body fat and improve your metabolism. Some of their key ingredients include Prolibra, Svetol, Fibersol-2, and Calcium Caseinate.

Final thoughts on

The weight loss program designed by Slimmm is definitely scientifically-based. According to studies, protein can make one feel fuller for a longer period of time. A diet rich in healthy protein and less of simple carbohydrates can curb cravings and eventually, can lead to weight loss.

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