“get slim get trim with slim trim”, spray yourself slim with slim spray. Yea as soon as i landed on this website something sounded and felt fishy, Was i the only one who felt this way? Now first of all to answer the question does Slim Spray really work? I can’t answer that question because I did not order this Acai berry weight loss spray.

This blog post is less about the product and more about how much SlimSpray is charging their customers or potential customers. I personally think it’s too much and not worth the money. You may have different thoughts and I respect the opinions of everyone. Price Review

Now I understand some of you have a lot of money to spend so for those of you please disregard this message. This blog post is for those of you who are under the assumption that the slimspray is only going to cost you a few bucks. Now if you were to read the terms and conditions found at the bottom of the you will see how much Slim Spray really costs, well remember when i said something just felt fishy about the website well read their terms and conditions below. Below is only a snippet the rest of it can be found by going to the following page.


If you do not cancel within fourteen (14) days of the date that you enroll in the Program, we will charge the same card you provided at enrollment the membership fee of $84.27 (“Membership Fee”). Then, beginning about thirty (30) days after we charge the Membership Fee to your card and every thirty (30) days thereafter, we will send you a fresh monthly shipment of the product and charge your card $84.27 (“Monthly Charge”) when each supply ships. You can cancel monthly shipments and avoid further Monthly Charges at any time by contacting customer service. You understand that upon the first charge you will be shipped 1 bottle of Slim Spray for the trial period then will receive another 3 bottles upon the second charge to complete your month’s supply.

To cancel and avoid further charges, call our customer service line toll free at 1-888-827-7017. Live customer service agents are available 5 Days a Week 9:00AM – 6:00 PM EST. Upon receipt of your cancellation request, you will not be charged further. If you cancel before the end of the fourteen (14) day trial period, you will not be charged the one time Membership Fee.

========================= my final thoughts.

Well i personally don’t want to tell you what to do with your money it’s yours this post only serves as a warning. Many times these trial offers catch people off guard and i just made this post to warn people who might not know how much SlimSpray was charging for Acai berry spray.

What Do I recommend

In terms of Acai berry supplements i honestly know nothing about Acai Berry Sprays i’ve personally never tried it but for the best acai berry supplement you can try Acai Berry max no trials or any funny business.

Please leave your comments regarding below if it works i’m sure others would like to know.