Review – Is it a scam?

Social Commissions of is another work at home opportunity promoted by Adrian Morrison. Morrison claims that anyone could start earning money online regardless of their work experience and education. He further added that his program, Social Commissions, is a proven system that can make you earn money at home.

The Social Commissions program is claimed to have been taught to students and have told the participants to keep it as a secret. However, over time, Morrison decided to make this program available to everyone at a price of $49.

More about Social Commissions

Unlike other work at home programs, this program doesn’t involve the social media, not even a website. According to Social Commissions, the leading reason why people fail to make money online is their inability to effectively create, design, and maintain a website. It added further that 95% of the websites are eventually abandoned.

Social Commissions program intends to teach you on how to earn money through being an affiliate of various Clickbank products and through posting of ads on, one of the dating websites that Morrison claims to be known worldwide.

Final thoughts on

Affiliate marketing is a legit way of earning money online. However, before you get into this program or any other program that claims to provide you with good resources for starting on this work at home opportunity, it would be better to conduct your own independent search. While there’s growing opportunities in affiliate marketing, there’s also an increasing number of work at home scams that take advantage of this.

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