Review Is It a Scam? Social Media Lead Machine Reviewed

So as many of you reading this know ‘Social Media Lead Machine’ currently found at is a Blake Nubar-derived service. Most of us are more familiar with ‘’ and this appears to be his Social media angle.

Based on my reviews SocialMediaLeadMachine is not a scam, I’d use the word caution prior to signing up, because the $7 offer is kind of just the beginning and I’d also use the word caution prior to giving out your cell phone number, because you will be sent text messages with links to upgrades, etc. as well phone notifications from his team wanting you to upgrade.

So understand that the $7 is really just an entry point. Blake Nubar is very successful, but his methods are definitely not for everyone, so if you’re unwilling to get out of your comfort zone my not be for you. You may also want to consider following Blake Nubar on Facebook, this is his current Facebook page >>>

Personal thoughts regarding

Although this post shouldn’t be looked at like an endorsement, based on my reviews ‘Social Media Lead Machine’ or ‘SMLM’ is not a scam, I wouldn’t call it legit, not am I recommending it, but I personally don’t put in the category of some of the full-blown scams I’ve written about in prior posts. I personally don’t like adding my phone number to be text messaged offers the future, but to each their own.

I provided a link where you can follow or contact Blake Nubar yourself, so any questions you have for him can be direct to his Facebook page. I will not be recommending his program at this!

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