Developed by Dr. Arthur Agatston, a cardiologist and an associate professor of medicine at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, the South Beach Diet has long been existing since the 1990s. It’s the result of Dr. Agatston’s investigation on alternative diet for his clients who are not responding well to the standard low-fat diet set by the American Heart Association.

South Beach Diet is comprise of 3 phases: Banishing Your Cravings, Reintroducing Carbs, and A Diet for Life. During the first phase (Banishing Your Cravings), you will be taught on how to get rid of cravings and foods that cause a surge of blood sugar level. The second stage (Reintroducing Carbs) involves the application of South Beach Diet principles and the introduction of ‘good’ carbs in your diet for a steady, sustainable weight loss. And lastly, on the third stage (A Diet for Life), will help you on how to continue with the diet so that you can incorporate it in your lifestyle.

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This weight loss program originally doesn’t have the fitness element but because of the demand from the consumers, it eventually added the fitness program. It currently offers a variety of fitness features that could complement the diet.

Aside from its specialized diet and fitness program, South Beach Diet also provides its members with daily newsletter that contains diet news and tips, food guide which includes those food to avoid and consume, Glycemic Index lists, and access to message boards where members could post questions to be answered by the program’s online dietitians.

The South Beach Diet of has 1 week free trial. It currently costs $5 per week, with 4-week minimum commitment. Members will be charged quarterly and will be charged $65 at the beginning of each quarter.

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The South Beach Diet has gained thousands of loyal customers not just because it’s medically-endorsed but more importantly because it works for many. While it’s a good thing that it has added the element of fitness, it seems that it has the same problem with other weight loss programs and that is the lack of conjunction between the fitness and diet programs. The program though is  highly commendable for its very good customer support that keeps its customers motivated.

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