Start Your Diet of is a resource website created to provide dieters and heath enthusiasts with tools and other means to achieve their weight loss goals or maintain their healthy lifestyle. Unlike other resource websites in the health and the weight loss category, Start Your Diet has the weight tracker as the only available tool that can be used for free. While this tool is a good aid for helping one keep track of weight changes, it isn’t enough to keep one motivated to achieve his/her weight loss goals. In order for one to fully access the available tools and resources of the website, he/she has to sign up for a subscription.

More about Start Your Diet

The tools and resources available in the website aims to provide users with progress results on both graphical and visual means. According to some studies, this method help dieters become more successful in achieving their weight loss goals.

By subscribing to Start Your Diet, you will be able to create daily or weekly food plan base on the daily and weekly calorie requirement you set. To further motivate you to achieve it, you can create a goal (could be a special event such as a wedding), attach your weight loss target to that goal and sync it with the calendar. The good thing about Start Your Diet is that it can be accessed through your iPhone or BlackBerry phone, allowing you to update your progress whenever or wherever you are.

For fitness, the website provides tools for tracking your exercise, body measurements, water intake, and it also offers pedometer data. However, it fails to provide a fitness planner which can be extremely helpful especially for those who really aren’t gym goers.

Final thoughts on may have some of the essential tools to help you achieve weight loss but there are better resource websites out there that offer more features and tools at no cost at all. Other things that you might like to ponder before subscribing into this website is its customer support which turns out to be lax and the lack of its fitness planner (unless you already are a fitness enthusiast).

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