Sugar Busters ( is a diet program that aims to provide helpful information on those who wanted to lose those extra pounds. The people behind this program, who are renowned physicians and CEO of a fortune 500 company (Dr. Luis Balart, Dr. Morris Bethea, and Mr. Leighton Steward) , wanted to educate people that the culprit of obesity is not all about fat but more because of the processed, sugar-loaded meals and snacks.

More about the Sugar Busters

Sugar Busters is a diet plan that focuses on how one can lose weight simply by reducing the sugar intake. It provides users with easy to follow recipes and meal plans. This special diet claims to promote food options that are once considered taboo by those who are trying to lose weight.

Some of the things that users will gain for signing up in this diet program include coming up with a plan that suits them, getting informed with the glycemic levels of food, finding out what food to eat on a daily basis, determining the right food combinations, learning the myths and facts of calories, fats, cholesterol, and weight gain, and getting that feeling of renewed energy and being healthy.

Final thoughts on

Just like any diet plan, the idea of Sugar Busters for weight loss is not considered ‘new’ or revolutionary as it is based from studies conducted years ago. However, it earns extra credit for steering away from the usual and often overhyped weight loss tips.

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