The Next Generation Crypto Summit With James Altucher Review – Cryptocurrencies are getting a reputation for being PUMP and DUMP schemes

This is a good time to be alive, I hope if you’re witnessing the financial madness around you that you’re taking the time to educate yourself because this period in history is a time you’ll want to tell your children or grandchildren about(if they’re willing to listen). Bitcoin is a derivative of fiat money, central banking, and interest rates being stuck at zero. Prior to these idiotic central bank policies, some people merely left their money in safe investment vehicles, the stock market to this day still should be an avenue for the sophisticated investor.

But now almost everyone is in the stock market whether they like it or not and this has presented cryptocurrencies with the opportunity to present themselves as a hedge against inflation. When a person purchases a company on paper, they’re usually not only buying MONEY they’re buying a business because cryptos have the ability to split over and over again, the people late to the party are indeed giving the people early to the party more security, this is where the pyramid scheme component of Bitcoin comes into play.

Why I don’t consider cryptos a pyramid scheme, is because they’re not centralized, they’re decentralized and can provide value as long as people stay on board, my problem with cryptos is the pump and dump nature of them all. More and more people are starting to recognize the pump and dump schemes of Bitcoin because after all most of the transactions are Satoshis, not bitcoins and as long as I sell my satoshis at a higher price, the price of Bitcoin goes up.

You have to buy a satoshi to understand the scheme but let’s say I buy 1 satoshi which is 0.00000001 BTC with fiat dollars. Now, the amount might seem reasonable but you might be unaware that by paying an inflated price for a satoshi you’re actually pushing up the price of Bitcoin. Try to imagine for a moment that 1 Bitcoin is $50,000USD but 1 satoshi is s 0.00000001 BTC. Move the decimal place to comprehend how easy it is to push up the price of Bitcoin for a few cents and you’ll catch wind of how the price for Bitcoin is where it is.

So if you’re new to Bitcoin and you see what appears to be a low price for Satoshis or if you’re experienced and playing the pump and dump game, you’ll quickly see how people with lots of fiat dollars or people with a fair amount of bitcoins are able to push up the price and cashout, thereby creating events in which the price drops only to rise back up again.

Who gets hurt when this happens? The people who don’t know what’s going on, because you have to understand there comes a time when it becomes obvious to everyone what’s happening and it’s usually these periods in which a large chunk of people pull out and never come back.

Well, for others, why play this silly Bitcoin game when they can own their own cryptocurrency? The Next Generation Crypto Summit With James Altucher is more of an infomercial, he’s trying to sell you on his vision and if you like it, then try it. I personally will not be recommending The Next Generation Crypto Summit With James Altucher at this time, nor will I be recommending “Three Founders Publishing” any questions you have for them should be sent to their staff directly.

Please make sure at the very least you have a basic understanding of cryptocurrencies before getting involved.