Justin Trudeau’s Home Owner Vote-Buying Scheme reminds me of Stephen Harper: Trudeau wants to give Homeowners $5,000 to make improvements – June 20, 2021,

Most Canadians know that homeowners are being rewarded by the government for taking on more debt, meaning that in many ways the home equity or the value of most Canadian homes exceeds the inflation rate. Meanwhile, wage earners many of whom can’t get into the housing market are being punished for saving money.

This was one of the reasons why in my opinion Stephen Harper lost to Justin Trudeau. Working Canadians saw their purchasing power dwindle, while Stephen Harper threw government benefits at existing homeowners. I thought this was a stupid move by Stephen Harper and it made Justin Trudeau seem far more appealing to Canadian voters.

Justin Trudeau has been engaging in a lot of vote-buying and there are a lot of Canadians who are benefiting from it, but there’s an equal amount of Canadians who are getting zero benefits from Trudeau’s vote-buying schemes. Trudeau is coming across as an out-of-touch, corrupt, spendthrift Politician.

As was the case with Joe Biden, in which people voted for Joe Biden not because they liked him, but more so that they hated Trump, might be the fate that awaits, Justin Trudeau. As is the case with Donald Trump, where he has his loyal supporters, I suspect Trudeau will have his loyal supporters, the problem for Trudeau will be the local voters who have not benefited from his reckless spending.

When you buy votes from one group you alienate another, someone gets smacked with the bill. Prices for things are rising, house prices are rising and what Trudeau is doing with this $5000 is rewarding the rich? at least that’s how this law comes across to the voters. Now, for most Conservative voters $5000 is NOT going to make them switch from Conservative to Liberal, and for Canadians who have little money this $5000 will come across as mean-spirited, where’s the $5000 for renters? $5000 could equate to 5 months of free rent for a low-wage earner? If you can afford to buy a home, you should be able to afford to maintain it.


Do you see how divisive this $5,000 to make improvements to your home is?

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