WAHUniversity.net Review – Is it a scam?

Work At Home University, which you can check out at WAHUniversity.net and WAHUniversity.com, is among the growing list of websites promising to help you earn income at home. According to its webpage, this website will help you earn as much as $87 an hour without leaving the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, it claims that you can start earning money for the next 90 seconds. All you need to do is sign up and pay their one-time fee.

More about Work At Home University

Work At Home University is being promoted by an advertorial found here. The advertorial narrates the story of a woman named Kim Swartz, who went from being jobless to earning over $50,000 in a month. According to Swartz, she was able to do this through the program being offered at WAHUniversity.net, promoted by a spokesperson named Michelle Withrow.

An advertorial is simply a fake news site. It exudes the news-like setup but then, if you look closely, it is not really a factual site as it’s only there to promote a website, product or service. Oftentimes, websites being promoted by these advertorials are scams.

Final thoughts on WAHUniversity.net

As a general rule, you shouldn’t be signing up in a program where you clearly don’t know what it offers. Aside from the benefits of working within the comfort of your own home, WAHUniversity.net didn’t provide further details of this work-at-home opportunity. It’s a bad sign for a website that offers a training program for a certain amount.

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