SurveySpot Review Is It a Scam

When joining web surevy sites it’s important to note that you won’t qualify for every survey. Another thing to note is location, location, location. United States residents will see a much higher volume in surveys than any other country at this time. Survey Spot International is U.S based company out of Shelton, Connecticut it’s tops on my list for survet sites and below i will tell you why.

Is Survey Spot legit or is it a Scam

Survey Spot was one of the first survey companies i have ever seen display it’s sweepstakes winners. Most survey sites claim to have sweepstakes but you never see or hear anyone real winning. Survey Spot displays it for all to see and these are real people.

Does pay real money?

Yes they do SurveySpot pays by check once ou have $5 in your account. One thing that’s good with surveyspot and what makes them a leader in the survey industry is the fact that they allow users to choose if they want to accept sweepstake surveys. Majority of the web survey companies DO NOT have this feature available. SurveySpot checks take 2 to 4 week to arrive which can be annoying at first but once your are constantly making money with them it won’t seem as long because once one arrives the other is about tp be on it’s way.

Do Web Surveys Make You Rich?

Doing web surveys or working any job will never make you rich. These things are created to put money in your pockets. If you are going to be online you might as well get paid to do it Survey Spot to dat has paid over 12 million dollars and counting to its members they are the pioneers of online surveys and if you are looking to compliment your income I highly recommend you join Survey Spot today.