Building Quality Website Traffic

Building Quality Website Traffic

Building Quality Website Traffic

Building Quality Website Traffic deals with specifics and understanding your audience. Also having the right website for audience if you want quality traffic you better have a quality website, with quality goods and/or services or information for sale. It’s really that simple. You have to ask yourself what type of person or people am i going to target and find a way to get to those people or customers, and keep them coming back.

In this article i am going to discuss three different types of quality Website traffic and how to build your website(s) around them.

Building Quality Traffic in the Search Engines

If you are planning to build a site to sell something like a product and you hope to use the search engines to do so I highly suggest you seek out an SEO expert. Unless you consider yourself an SEO expert this can save you allot of time in the short term and in the long run. A real SEO expert will discuss what keywords your website will need to get to it’s desired position in the search engines as well as recommend strategies to get you there.

A good SEO company has a proven track record and proven results. If the company cannot show you real examples of there work I would stay away from them. Because the truth is anyone can pose as an SEO expert. A real SEO expert also has phone number typically a toll free number where they can reached, and they usually call you to for details of what it is you’re looking for. You can choose to seek out information on your own but that is very time consuming, plus many times people will at this because most of the times the keywords they are targeting are being targeted by many other more experienced users or SEO professionals themselves as well many times you won’t get the quality traffic you are looking for or if you do get it it’s short lived. An SEO expert can save you lots of time and money.

Building Quality Traffic in Social Media

Social Media can be a very fun place to build quality traffic and one of the more easier places because people who use social media sites such as twitter,myspace and facebook tend to express themselves in there profiles. you could use services like tweet adder , myspace blaster or even Facebook Blaster to get yourself followers, but majority of those followers won’t be quality visitors, as many of them might be bots themselves.

Instead I recommend getting into the Pay Per click sections of Social Media Websites. If you’re new to it don’t worry the staff is very helpful and the only thing you need to understand is who your target market is for your website, and also make sure you have nice quality easy to navigate website. An idiot should easily be able to navigate around your website especially if you are selling something. You would be surprized how many times website owners lose sales simply because customers can’t find what they are looking for.

Now to get into social media in Pay per click i recommend Adknowledge Click here for more information

Building Quality Traffic In Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click marketing is both the fastest way to wealth online and is also the place where many hopefuls have dug there own graves. Pay Per Click marketing is a game of patience and testing campaigns. When getting into Pay Per click marketing your mind has to be stuck on the bottom line and the bottom line is make more money then you are spending.

How do you do this while Building Quality Traffic to your website?

it’s called being specific and understanding who your target customer is. If you expect to build wealth online you MUST be specific and put yourself in the customers shoes what would i type in a search engine if i was ready to buy “Flip Flop Slippers” First off i have not advertised in the “flip flop” Pay per click market but what i would do first is think about somewhere hot like California where there are beachesĀ  and people with disposable income and would zero my add campaign right there and no where else.


Also i would think about a quality name brand i dunno like gucci or something “gucci flip flops” then i might get specific and write my ad campaign saying Gucci “Flip flops on sale free delivery while supplies last” Do you follow me because that’s how i was able to pull in over $100,000 last year in pure profit. I got there through building quality website traffic by being specific with adwords campaigns. It’s really just that simple many people fear pay per click marketing because of the risk factor but the only risk i see i working for somebody else at a J-O-B that was the riskiest time in my life.

The Pay Per Click Markets i recommend you try are all the biggies Google,Yahoo and MSN. get your feet wet Pay Per click marketing is like learning to ride a bike or learning how to swim once you learn it you never forget it. Best of luck to you please leave me any comments or questions you might have thank you for reading my post.