Joe Biden could be triggering a World War, Justin Trudeau gave Canadian Veterans Empty promises while giving Omar Khadr $10.5 million dollars, Is Trudeau ready for Biden’s potential World War – August 16, 2021,

As Joe Biden appears to be stirring up a potential world war, as Canadians we have to ask if Justin Trudeau is ready? Justin Trudeau similar to most Leftists appears to believe that the best way to deal with terrorism is to throw money at the problem.

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Leftists because of their lack of financial education and understanding of individualism and markets, assume that everyone wants what they want. People on the left have a habit of thinking that because they’re on top of the world today that things can’t quickly change tomorrow.

A particular way of thinking went into the creation of Western society and to abandon such thinking has historically proven to be a disastrous undertaking. Socialism and big government always ends in disaster because humans are better served when the majority of things are DECENTRALIZED.

When one entity has too much power, bad decisions are often made. recently Joe Biden made the bad decision of premature withdrawal of Afghanistan. Now, Justin Trudeau made what many of us believed was a bad decision of awarding Omar Khadr with a $10.5CAD million payment and an apology by the federal government. but if you were to listen to most people on the Left in Canada, their ideology revolves around throwing money problems.

Well, this is very bad for the morale of the Canadian military, namely Canadian veterans, who often have to hire lobbyists to represent them in Ottawa to get a fraction of what Omar Khadr received for potentially killing a U.S soldier.

Here’s why Omar Khadr is getting $10M from the Canadian government | TheHill

In life there are tradeoffs, and not only has Justin Trudeau opted to pay off potential terrorists, but he’s also shown Canadian military personal that there might not be enough fiat money waiting for them if they need it.
Even though Justin Trudeau has found a way to lend money to all sorts of PRIVATE entities many of whom are incapable of repaying their debts because they were incapable of turning a profit in the digital era, the people willing to risk their lives for this country have to hire lobbyists to represent them in Ottawa?

How does that sound to you? I’m not a big fan of fiat money or government borrowing, but if Canada has apparently found this magic money tree, why can’t our Veterans get some of that apparently free fiat money? If Trudeau has to lend money to the media, then the media is clearly consuming more than our beloved Veterans who by the way will die and BE TAXED for dying one day, so it’s not like the money is infinite.

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This is very bad for the morale of people currently serving in the Canadian Military because you have to remember that Justin Trudeau is a feminist and according to quite a few feminists the woman is always right. Well, currently if you’re a man serving in the Canadian military, you’d better be careful how you talk to the women serving because well… you can read about it for yourself.

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I’m not trying to play down anything that might be occurring in the Canadian military, but there appears to be a verdict before the trial begins and I’m just saying this can’t be good for the morale of the Canadian military if let’s say Joe Biden creates an atmosphere in which Canada might forced into combat? One has to ask the question is Justin Trudeau ready for what could potentially be Joe Bidens world war?

Interesting times ahead!