DailyNews7 Scam

When seeing a site like DailyNews7.com you first must understand that this site is nothing more than a advertorial. Meaning its sole purpose is to get you to buy something from a site it is affiliated with. Keep note also that the testimonials are fake and the comments made on this site are fake again its sole purpose is to get you to sign up with a site it has an affiliation with.

internetprofitsuccesssystem.com review

I’ve never heard of any real success stories coming from internet profit success system before. if you would like to run the risk of signing up I want to warn you to read the terms and conditions first before signing up. You can read the terms and conditions at the bottom of the internetprofitsuccesssystem.com website I’ve taken the liberty of putting the terms and conditions on this site you might want to consider reading it before signing up.

internetprofitsuccesssystem.com terms and conditions


ICM Websites is an online web development tool that makes it easy for you to jump start your online home based business. It effortlessly allows you to activate customizable websites stocked with products in just minutes. When you submit your order, you agree to pay the shipping and handling fee of $2.97 for your Road Map to Success and a$39.95 activation fee unless waived; please allow up to two weeks for delivery. After your 3-day trial period, you will be charged a ONE TIME fee of $149.95 for the product that will not be billed again for access to all of the features above. Thereafter, a $4.95 fee will serve as a monthly website hosting and maintenance fee until cancelled.

If that sounds like a business you want to get into knock yourself.

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