TaxAct Review Is It a Scam or is very good online company to do your taxes but some people seem to have it in their heads that all there tax problems will go away once they use this service. As many of us smart people know nothing works like that. The tax Act service is there simply to make your life easier and more affordable, using this service is not going help you dodge the government of paying taxes. It was created like many other online tax services worldwide to save you the trouble of going to see a tax agent.

Leave Complicated Tax Issues to the Professionals

Now on the flip side dating back a few years software has had some errors in the script itself where some people with complicated tax issues were getting incorrect calculations in their taxes. There are very few complaints about TaxAct compared to the numbers of purchasers of the software however; the complaints TaxAct received online are real. The real numbers is about 100 out of the hundreds of thousands or millions of users of this online service have had problems using the Taxact software. If you have complicated tax issues such as you are a small business sole proprietor or you have complicated tax issues in general. My recommendation is to stay away from Tax Act or any other online software.

About Doing Taxes Online

These internet software’s are usually built around the normal man or woman with a regular 9 – 5 job, if you have a 9 – 5 job but you also have something else on the side again I don’t recommend using the software because you might be setting yourself up for trouble or future problems. Of course this may not happen but it could happen because this is software it’s not an actual person doing your taxes. This software is also made for the average American, yes they update the software every year but my personal opinion it is always better to be safe than sorry.

How Long Have I been using them

I used them in 2006 and never had any problems. I do have different sources of income but at the same time I understand how to do my taxes so if the numbers don’t add up I’ll know, & also I’ll double usually triple check anyway. But if math isn’t your thing I don’t recommend you take the risk of using this or any internet tax software. Time is precious and if your taxes are complicated I think you should go see a specialist.