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If you’re in the sales industry and would love to improve your skills to get more leads and close more deals, then you may benefit from the book of Jenny Cartwright found in This is not the first sales book that Cartwright published. She also authored other books like Don’t Get Hung Up! and Secrets of Top Sales Professionals. According to Cartwright, this is not another digital sales book as it’s a product of her years of experience in telephone sales.

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This book written by Cartwright is definitely not the first telesales book. But unlike other sales books, this one seems like a good one considering the author’s experience in telesales. She has over 10 years experience in telephone sales and this makes her a credible source of information.

The book covers several important concepts to be a successful salesman. These include how to open a cold call without resistance, simple ways to build rapport, tips to get past the gatekeeper, proven steps to make appointments, how to avoid call reluctance, and so much more! Aside from the book itself, you will also receive bonus products like eBooks on How To Do Email Marketing, 63 Killer Marketing Strategies, and Telesales Tips.

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You can benefit from this book if you’re into telephone sales and would like to learn more from someone with years of experience in the field. This is a ClickBank product so if you end up dissatisfied with your purchase, you can ask for refund.

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