Review – Is it a scam?

Tell Wut, which you can check out at, is another market research company. Companies such as Tell Wut are often sought by many business owners to get the opinion of consumers for their products and services. These opinions are then used by these business owners to improve further their marketing strategies and the products/services themselves.

Before the birth of the internet, this market research used to be done through live market research groups and round table discussions. When the internet arrived, this market research has become more convenient not just for business owners but as well for the subjects of the said research.

More about Tell Wut

Tell Wut provides businesses with free trial to help them determine whether their platform is beneficial to their business or not. The topics covered by surveys from Tell Wut include Current Affairs, Entertainment, Sports, Money, Lifestyle, Technology, Products, Religion, Parenting, Pets, and Educations.

Though both registered and unregistered users can take part of these surveys, only registered ones will be rewarded for every approved survey. They can be rewarded with gift cards, products, and even expensive and highly desired gadgets.

Final thoughts on

Market research companies have become popular these days. Not only do they help in improving business owners’ products/services and marketing strategies, they are also good sources of supplemental income. However, not all research companies are legit. Some of them will only waste your time in these surveys and would just sell your information to third party companies. Thus, before signing up in these companies, make sure you have read its policies.

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