The 2015 Paris Agreement Is INHUMANE to developing countries, especially Developing countries with BRAIN DRAIN related issues, Have you seen the U.S border lately? COP26 is pure evil – October 26, 2021

Currently, humanity via the U.S and its weaponized U.S dollar has decided to take a Progressive ideology to the extreme, not only is there a pandemic, and corporatist climate change agenda, there’s also mas migration occurring at the U.S border and one of the reasons for this surge at the U.S border is that the Donald Trump got 74,222,958 votes in 2020 election, Joe Biden got 81,283,098 votes, but what’s so alarming those numbers is how close the election was.

Now, I personally thought the U.S election was rigged in favor of Joe Biden, but let’s say I’m a conspiracy theorist, Barack Obama who really brought out the IN-PERSON voting 69,498,516 votes in 2016, I say this because Barack didn’t have the luxury of historic MAIL-IN balloting, which only occurred because of the pandemic. If there’s no pandemic, there wouldn’t be this massive influx of mail-in voting and potentially Joe Biden doesn’t only lose the 2020 election, he loses it big time.

Joe Biden wins election to be the 46th US President | CNN

Based on the data, which has proven to be somewhat true immigrants tend to vote for Leftists, so for that reason in 2021, Joe Biden and the mainstream media have played down the disaster at the border. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made visiting the U.S Mexico border a priority when Donald Trump was in power, it’s a non-issue for the Democratic Socialist now that Joe Biden is the president.

Why all of this matters is that a lot of the people coming to the U.S-Mexico border aren’t poor, they’d be considered middle-class in their countries of origin, they’re coming to the U.S-Mexico border because they expect to see an increase in their standard of living if they leave their developing country and go to the United States.

What this ultimately equates to is a brain drain and this brain thwarts “financial assistance to developing countries to help them achieve their climate goals.” One of the main reasons why people leave these third-world countries is because socialism doesn’t work. If as an example you look at almost all the RULING Political Parties in Latin America, poorer parts of Asia, Africa, and even the Middle East, they’re all Progressive-Socialistic political Parties who are hostile free markets.

If you’ve ever tried to invest in many of these developing countries, expect to be restored by the government, which is the real reason why these often socialist nations are stuck in the mud of being marked as developing nations. Adding fuel to the fire is the weaponized fiat currency markets, countries like Canada, America, the U.K etc. send money to these developing countries which serve as a reward to their Left-Wing governments for being anti-free-markets and therefore anti-growth.

It was funny to most of us to watch “The Black Panther movie” because as an example Africa is rich with gold, Africa doesn’t even need Vibranium, it has all sorts of resources that should make her the richest continent on the planet, why is Africa poor? Because of Left-Wing politics, in many countries in Africa, the land belongs not to the people, but to the State and this is one of the reasons why, you’ll often find African politicians willing to go to start a civil war, rather than relinquish power.

Now, with this inhumane Paris Agreement, the Progressives/Socialist Policians in developed nations want to make this situation even worse. It should be a surprise to no one why the cost of energy is rising, I personally thought this would be a no-brainer to even Progressive people who are ignorant about economics. If you want to rid the world of fossil fuels, then prices have to go up.

Now, think about prices for things going up in developed nations and the impact that has on developed nations? Remember that in many developed nations, their government owns not only the means of production but the land? So it’s no wonder why people from the third world are flooding the U.S-Mexico border. Can you blame them? Now if the U.S dollar wasn’t weaponized, most people wouldn’t be running to the U.S border, because America wouldn’t have all of this free welfare.

If you’ve been to third-world nations, you’d quickly figure out that developed nations aren’t the only nations with LAZY people who want something for nothing. A lot of people in the third world aren’t ambitious, which is why countries like Canada in the past would only allow immigrants into the country that could help Canada be more productive.

In America, their politicians are actually a lot more “generous” than Canada, in the United States part of their problem is that their immigration system isn’t targeted, America even has a lottery immigration system, which is why America has some of the violent criminals per capita in the world. I bring this up because the current conditions for the 2015 Paris Agreement Are INHUMANE to developing countries.

All I read from the article below is about pumping money into an already inhumane system. When given the option, most educated or middle-class people will leave their developing nation. These globalist climate change schemes will require very smart people to implement them. Soth Africa as an example struggled to even try a feed-in tariff system, for Solar.

In America, currently there exist at least 74 million people who reject top-down centralized control of the economy, and to thwart this, the current U.S administration has made it a mission to flood America with new and hopefully Left-Wing voters! There’s nothing humane about the Paris Accord, it’s evil at its core!

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Interesting times ahead!