The Bad Economics of Justin Trudeau’s censorship bill: Because of the CRTC Canadian MainStream Content already SUCKS and required a Government BAILOUT – October 30, 2022,



If you dig deeper into the minds of the average Jagmeet Singh, Justin Trudeau voter, they’re not your traditional CENSORSHIP-loving Socialist; most Left-wingers in Canada merely want a Welfare State that sends them money when they’re down on their luck. One of the problems Canada currently has is that Justin Trudeau hasn’t won a majority government since 2015, and Justin Trudeau really screwed that up, so since 2019, Trudeau has had a MINORITY government, but he’s been governing like he had MAJORITY government.

Why this is the case, is because, as an example, the separatists in Quebec are hell-bent on CENSORING internet content because the Quebecois is losing influence in Quebec. In the past, The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) saved the French language from extinction in Canada(at least they’ll take credit for doing it). The difference is that CABLE television is CENTRALIZED, whereas the internet has more DECENTRALIZATION to it.


If Trudeau is successful with his censorship bill, I can already imagine VPN service providers getting a HUGE uptick in Canadian subscribers; furthermore, I’m not even sure how the CRTC enforces these new rules because you have to remember, although Trudeau’s people are making censorship seem nonthreatening, if put into law, this will be a CONSTANT barrage of lawsuits on social media companies from Canadian content providers who imagine they’re being treated UNFAIRLY by social media companies, who are ignoring their “amazing content” that’s being forced on Canadians.

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So as you’d expect, there would be CONSTANT amendments to Bill C-11 try to make the Internet as bland for Canadians as television is. One of the reasons some in Canadian media imagined the Trudeau media bailout was justified is because of the CRTC, forcing Canadian content to be extremely BLAND.

I like to remind Canadians that the United States isn’t that far away and if it weren’t for the CRTC and the Department of Canadian Heritage, American content creators would likely have a HUGE presence in Canada, meaning a LOT MORE JOBS for Canadians had the CRTC either not been a thing or changed its role in Canadian society.


In case you’re not paying attention, a lot of Canadians SPEAK ENGLISH, as do Americans, and depending on where in Canada, U.S content providers would actually SAVE money by building a Hollywood in Canada. It’s actually the stupidity of the Canadian government, which gain tends to revolve around QUEBEC politics, that has basically DESTROYED our entertainment industry.

So from an economics perspective, these ADDITIONAL regulations will actually result in the same thing that happened in the past, repeating in the future in that you’re going to find Canadian content providers just to avoid the Canadian regulators moving to the United States.

A lot of Canadian content providers already live in the United States, make their living in the United States, and are listed as Canadian merely because they were born here. Now, I remember being young and wanting to test my talents, so I imagine if I’m a young content creator, testing my talents only to find out the CRTC has put a ceiling on the type of content I’m allowed to publish, I’m leaving Canada AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

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Similar to a Drake, or a Celine Dion, yes, I’m going to let the world know I’m Canadian, but I’d likely be more loyal to creating content for my U.S fan base. What I mean by this is that entertainment INFRASTRUCTURE is stagnant in Canada, primarily because of the CRTC, instead of ATTRACTING talent, we’re repelling it.

The Liberals, The NDP, and The Bloc Quebecois all see CENSORSHIP as their tool to surviving POLITICALLY; a lot of Canadians have been BRAINWASHED into thinking that America will dominate our way of life without our progressive governments, and maybe to a degree these censorship loving Canadians are right, the issue is that ECONOMICALLY, you’re starting to see the ramifications of censorship, Canada via the Left Wing dominance over our economy is finding that it’s private sector is shrinking at an ALARMING rate.

Private sector employment (including self-employment) in Canada increased between February 2020 and July 2022 by a negligible 56,100 jobs, essentially a flat increase of 0.4 per cent. By contrast, job creation in the public sector rose by 366,800 jobs, an increase of 9.4 per cent.

Howard Levitt: Public sector jobs boom is a shell game that plays havoc with our economic future |

Ottawa is using the private sector’s tax dollars to choke off its growth — right under its nose

If you’re unaware, content comes from the PRIVATE SECTOR; the public sector is usually TALENTLESS; in fact, one of the reasons some Canadians might be impressed by our Drama teacher turned Prime Minister is because, for the most part, Government people are usually TALENTLESS in the arts. Government people usually make boring speeches, write boring laws and live boring lives.

Government people TAKE they don’t create, which is why if you’re reading this post and you’re a Left Winger, it might be hard for you to comprehend why a BIG government is a bad thing, you might argue that without a Big Government Canada would lose it’s identity, ok, sure fine, but what I’m writing about in this post are the ECONOMICS of all of Trudeau’s regulations, I again have to remind you that without a taxpayer bailout, the media in Canada would be BANKRUPT right now, where as in the United States a country without a CRTC equivalent, continues to have a BOOMING market for content creators.

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Even when the private sector in the U.S attempt to control and monopolize the media, Americans create a new avenue of media that CAN’T exist in Canada because it would be denied a license in Canada by the CRTC. You see, government-imposed regulations PREVENT innovations from occurring. If the CRTC imagines that your content is NOT Canadian enough, you’re censored or BANNED, meaning that any economic or financial activity you would have generated will not EXIST in Canada.

Ofcourse I’m against Bill C-11, but the mere fact it’s made it this far should tell you how LEFT WING Canada’s government is; I personally find it an EMBARRASSMENT that Canada is looking more and more like China, all so we can avoid having any similarities to the United States.

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Interesting times ahead!