The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Bank of Canada vs Justin Trudeau and his bad Investments: Tiff Macklem acknowledges inflation is running hotter than expected – April 22, 2022,

I’ve said it before I’ll say it again, as of the date I’m writing this there is little to NO appetite to shrink the size of government in Canada. What this means is that it’s likely consumer price inflation will continue which equates to economic deflation. The reason consumer price inflation equates to economic deflation is because we’re on a FIAT monetary system.

Our rule by fiat monetary system works because of confidence, but the private sector still has to function as if we were on a Gold Standard. In a free market, market constraints are what the market tells them they are, but in this Big Government system, the government decides market constraints and the more market constraints government puts on its economy the higher the COST to be productive will be.

Justin Trudeau has made it very expensive for the Private Sector to be productive and because of this productive people have to pass these costs onto consumers in higher prices and wages. When a person or entity is on government welfare or dependent on government assistance said individual or entity does NOT pay the inflation tax, the only way for these people and organizations to feel the pain of consumer price inflation is when there are SHORTAGES that affect their quality of life or business.

Market participants in the private sector however are already being FORCED to cut back on what they consume and it’s for this reason, that the Bank of Canada should get ahead of this problem instead of waiting. If it becomes evident that there are new rules or new world order, the market is going to decide if it will be sidelined for the time being, which could equate to sectors in the economy either not hiring, stopping growing, or waiting for a clearer path forward from the government before making plans fo their future.

The problem with modern progressive politicians is that they govern like PROTESTORS meaning that they imagine they’re not the problem, the problem is those greedy people in the private sector who refuse to go along with their plan. All well and good for politicians to blame others for their shortfalls, but make no mistake about it, this puts Tiff Macklem in a position of a balancing act or picking a side.

Nothing is worse for an economy than shortages, Venezuela had shortages because its private sector realized that the Venezuelan government would blame them for all of its shortfalls, so the private sector left. In Venezuela, the government nationalized private businesses it deemed in violation of the socialist direction it wanted to take the country. Recently Justin Trudeau froze the bank accounts of people who disagreed with his politics. Not as extreme as Venezuela, but I hope you get the point I’m trying to make here

Tiff Macklem could force the Federal Government to change its ways, by AGGRESSIVELY raising interest rates to match consumer price inflation numbers, but that’s unlikely because it would shrink the price of assets, which could hurt borrowing, and crash the economy, so what’s likely is that the Bank of Canada will raise rates until rates are forced back down again by MARKET forces. That’s when the Bank of Canada can say, see we tried and the problem isn’t interest rates, it’s something else. Sure we all know the problem is Big Government, but the majority of Canadians don’t know this, which is why politicians get away with these schemes.

The path forward I expect the Bank of Canada to take will make Justin Trudeau and Tiff Macklem look competent, but the sad part is that you and me should expect to pay higher prices for goods and services. How do you combat this you ask? You’re going to want to be in assets likely to appreciate and hopefully pay you positive cash flow because things COULD get really ugly.

Tiff Macklem acknowledges inflation is running hotter than expected |

Interesting times ahead!