The Canadian Corporate Climate Change Scam: Ruling Liberal Party of Canada leaving Nuclear Powers future ‘to the market’ they’re overly Regulating? – November 14, 2021,


In both Japan and Russia where you had the Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters, the reason these disasters occurred was primarily how their nuclear power plants were built. You have to understand that in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant was built in 1972 during Russia’s USSR area. The USSR in English stands for the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, if you know anything about Socialism and the government doing projects as opposed to the private sector, there’s usually little to no incentive for government projects to be completed with a long term vision in mind.

The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is actually called the Vladimir Lenin Nuclear Power Plant, but you know Socialists never want to attribute failures with socialism, and the reality of The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is that it was unnecessarily large. One of the reasons Nuclear power plants are so dangerously and unnecessarily large has to do with PRIOR regulations on the economy, which force up wages.

In order for these projects to generate any income, companies have to scale up, now am I saying there shouldn’t be any regulations? No, but there are a lot of existing environmental regulations, that companies have to consider, prior to building a nuclear power plant. Regarding Fukushima, it was in use since around 1971 and enjoyed a corporate monopoly and one could question if the American companies involved in building Fukushima made safety a priority.

In both instances, which show how rare of a problem this is, safety concerns weren’t prioritized. This has NEVER been the case in Canada and quite honestly, this nuclear debate really annoys me because the only cause of concern regarding Nuclear energy is how unnecessarily large they’re making these nuclear powerplants.

People forget there used to be TOYS that taught kids about Nuclear Power, these toys have of course, now been banned in fears terrorists and other nefarious actors will get access to something these terrorists probably already know how to do. Nuclear becomes more dangerous when it’s scaled up and things are scaled up in Western countries because of the governments’ unnecessary influences in the marketplace.

My argument by the way is based on allowing environmental regulations, the real problem as it relates to energy, are the financial rules and responsibilities applied to energy companies. I’m personally not even a fan of A/C electricity. Alternating current has allowed for much of this centralization nonsense, humanity for the most part has abandoned Direct Energy or battery-powered or even nuclear-powered direct energy for this monstrosity we have today.

There’s an energy loss when switching to alternating current and although alternating current industrially makes sense, domestically Direct Energy would have ended a lot of this madness. There are all sorts of gadgets in today’s economy that can preserve EXISTING battery technology and prolong the life of a battery, and again I can’t stress enough that nuclear power plants don’t have to be as large as they are.

To give you an example 14% of Ontario’s electricity is produced at Pickering Nuclear Generating Station? Really think about that, now when you do, understand that Pickering Nuclear Generating Station has over 3000 employees, what many have been arguing for years is that making a Power Plant this large is unnecessary and dangerous, but because of Progressive ideologies that hope to create INFLATION there are so many silly distortions in the economy that fuels more stupidity.

The larger a Nuclear Generating Station becomes the riskier it becomes, the more dangerous it becomes and the more UNCOMPETITIVE the energy sector becomes. As an example to show you the sheer stupidity of the modern economy, and the modern so-called environmentalists there exists the Powerwall which is a battery from Tesla that stores energy for your home, now instead of people saving energy, the government creates a feed-in tariff scheme that allows owners of the solar panels and PowerWall’s to steal money from people who can’t afford it?

Instead of a grid fallback system, the Tesla PowerWall is used to perpetuate a scam, solar energy is often sent to the grid to be WASTED, so when you see solar panels on a person’s or company’s roof, often those solar panels aren’t being used to power the home or building, often the grid is powering the home and depending on the setup, the grid might also be powering the Tesla battery or building and the energy from the solar panels are being sent out to the grid, for financial gains?

If Solar worked, the solar panels could at the very least power the home battery and if the battery ran out of juice, the grid could then power the home(grid fall-back system). But you see that would expose the inefficiencies of solar and wind, and also make solar even more expensive, because batteries and solar panels do need maintenance and repair and they don’t last forever like these scam artists claim they will. So instead, of telling people the truth, Government creates this corporate welfare scam, it’s wasteful, it’s pollution because they do this with wind farms made of hard to recycle plastics, and this government-made disaster is about to accelerate.

Feed In Tariff Scam

Feed In Tariff Scam

The feed-in tariff model is done because solar and wind have a lot of limitations that a diverse energy economy could solve. Now, imagine you bought a Tesla PowerWall-battery and some solar panels assuming that they could power your home entirely, only to find out that they can’t? Would you not become a vocal critic of Solar power? Of course, you would, and to avoid this the government gets involved and scams everyone, with this corporate welfare monstrosity, that benefits the rich who can afford a PowerWall and Solar Panels and makes the poor and middle-class pay to finance it.

now, a diverse energy economy automatically kills this political climate change nonsense. because as I’ve stated, if the resources weren’t being wasted by the government, everyone in the world would have access to CHEAP energy.

The real problem in the modern economy is how much control the government has over power generation. Anyway, Canada’s Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault says the market will determine Nuclear’s fate, this is beyond a stupid thing to say, he might as well he likes solar and wind and the government will do everything in its power to make sure what the government considers “renewables” get the corporate welfare it needs to sustain itself.

What people aren’t understanding about these renewable scams, is that it’s all about making life more expensive for the poor and middle class so they’ll be more dependent on the government and vote Liberal. When Steven Guilbeault mentions the market, notice he doesn’t say the “Free Market”. These energy scams have been impoverishing the world since electricity was first discovered, it’s very unfortunate and it’s one of the reasons I think public schools are deliberately teaching school children to be socialists.

This ends when more people speak out against this scam and expose it for the corporate welfare it is!

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