The Canadian Economy Could Be In Serious Danger: The Democrat Run State of Wisconsin considers ELIMINATING Income Taxes (Income taxes in Alberta can go as high as 14%) – December 18, 2021,

To date, Joe Biden has been a horrible President, but Joe Biden’s stupidity shouldn’t be a reflection of moderate Democrats or voters who have no loyalty to the Democrats or Republicans. Some people just like to keep more money in their pockets and they don’t really care what Political Party does as long as they get some benefits from it.

One of the reasons Canada is able to compete with America economically with our ridiculously high tax rates is because we appeal to certain job creators with our lower loonie offering. a lower loonie with the ability to sell things to the U.S with relatively low tariffs makes Canada a good place for job creators. But as we know Canada has a brain drain problem that goes under-reported, personally, I’ve lost trust in government statistics both in Canada and the United States, because statistics have become so politicized.

But one thing is for sure if Democrats States start eliminating sales taxes, Canada’s highly skilled labour might consider leaving Canada because if you think about it the cost of living is lower in the Democrat Run States in the U.S than in major cities in Canada and on top of that, income taxes might be abolished?

Most people attribute the rise in crime due in large part to the “Woke” movement in the United States, if the Democrats lose the 2022 election, that will signal a change in the Democrat Party, so even if Democrats manage to win the 2024 election the Democrat Party we see today, most likely won’t be the Democrat party we’ll see in 2024.

Canada on the other hand has 4 more years of Justin Trudeau and Conservative Premiers who don’t even bring up the topic of abolishing income taxes? Income taxes in Alberta can go as high as 14%. Why am I picking on Alberta? Because Alberta is known as Canada’s most Conservative province? So think about that for a moment? Abolishing income taxes is almost like creating a minimum wage or rental control, once it’s gone it’s hard to bring it back, which is why the discussion often never comes up.

There’s a labour shortage and I like to always point out that printing money or providing bank liquidity can’t fix a shortage problem, Canada has a brain drain problem, as well as growing labor shortage problems, and based on the CURRENT trajectory America will be fully open long before Canada is. It’s not to say that Americans aren’t reliant on some Canadian industries, but they’re not entirely reliant on us, meaning that it wouldn’t surprise me if more U.S States Democrats or Republicans look to take more economic market share from Canada.

My Canadian-born children personally will work where they’re treated best, I’ve told them not to limit themselves, their freedoms, or their earning potential.

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Interesting times ahead!