The Canadian Federal Government Banning conversion therapy could lead to an increase in CHILD ABUSE cases going undetected, not all cases of homosexuality are natural – November 29, 2021,

First and foremost it should be noted that I personally believe some people are born. I don’t believe in big government, I personally believe in NATURAL LAWS and that nature will correct all things, so if as an example you imagine that population control is necessary, I believe that one-way nature would control populations is via homosexuality, furthermore as you’ll observe, the more wealthy a nation gets the fewer children humans have.

At first, it was believed that only white people have fewer children when they live in developed nations, but now as we’re noticing this applies to every race, without immigration, black American birth rates are actually mirroring white American birth rates. Most people refuse to get specific with data and that’s one of the reasons I’m against the FEDERAL government getting involved with conversion therapy.

In Brazil as an example a lot of homosexuality is not the result of natural causes, a lot of people in Brazil have been sexually abused as children, same is true in African and Middle Eastern countries. In Pakistan as an example raping young boys is rampant, you’d imagine in your mind that an ultra-conservative Islamic State wouldn’t have child abuse problems, but it’s simply not true.

Whenever there’s a presence of a big government controlling people’s lives human behavior changes, as you’re noticing there are people who are trying to normalize pedophilia. What a lot of people don’t know about the people trying to normalize pedophilia is that these people often cite statistics in third world nations to ram through their political objectives.

These FEDERAL conversion therapy laws will make it harder for rapists to be detected, which is why I’m okay with municipalities or Provinces banning the practice, but I’m not okay with the Federal Government getting involved. The Canadian Federal government at one point was involved in an open-door immigration policy and because we already have laws on the books that protect certain cultures or “groups” living in Canada from scrutiny, this could allow pedophilia to flourish in Canada as it does in other countries that have these laws on their books.

Whether you like it or not some people are homosexual directly because of what happened to them when they were a child. Some men and women are homosexual or even confused about their sexual orientation because they were abused as children and pedophiles are fighting like hell to become a protected class in western society. Now when conversion therapy is a provincial law, there will be places of refuge for people who were abused as children to speak up about it.

But let’s say there’s a homosexual that politically identifies as a Conservative or right-winger, that person’s child abuse case will be thrown in with their political views and not be taken seriously. This is a very sad day in Canada and I hope this doesn’t become FEDERAL LAW. Provinces who believe in Left-Wing ideals should be allowed to engage in whatever suits that population, but making this a federal law is protecting pedophilia.

If you care about children and children being allowed to tell their story you do not want the government to be silencing people. You must understand that a lot of people who were involved in conversion therapy know that a large chunk of homosexual cases was the direct result of early childhood sexual abuse. Not everyone wants to come forward when they were abused as a child, you’d know this if you took the time to get to know people.

A lot of humans do not like to be imagined as victims, most humans like to be treated EQUALLY and they feel like if they tell strangers about their past, that other people will treat them differently. If you can imagine a person with a disability who wants to be treated like everyone else, people who have been abused as children usually do not want to publicize their abuse.

Because the Canadian and other governments around the world and turning conversion therapy into a POLITICAL issue, they’re inadvertently protecting pedophiles. You have to remember that this banning of conversion therapy is also an attack on parents. If behaviors in a child change due to the fact the child was abused by someone they trusted, and the child is too scared to talk about it or is now protected from talking about it because a parent asking questions about a child behavioral changes infringes on this new conversion therapy law, child abuse will go undetected.

When children are abused, sometimes they will not talk about it and might actually be angered that nobody stopped it from happening. It’s not to say that conversion therapy is the be-all-end-all, but when you cut off avenues of discussion or regulate something out of existence where there clearly is a demand, people looking for an outlet to tell their story PRIVATELY now have fewer places to go.

This law is effectively making victims of child abuse have fewer outlets to tell their stories. I’m hoping the FEDERAL government will stay out of this, I don’t like Provinces getting involved in this either, but we need to have the ability to do CASE STUDIES. A lot of people in the United States were abused as teens or children often go to the Republican States to get treatment.

Not everyone wants to be on a talk show, some people like to keep their personal lives private and conversion therapy isn’t only about turning a gay person straight, it’s about getting to the BOTTOM of personal behavior, it’s called conversion THERAPY for a reason. The Canadian federal government is attempting to create a one size fits all approach to therapy, this new regulation will have the same effect most regulations have, it will likely cause more harm than good federal government regulations often lead to a flourishing underworld.

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Because pedophiles as an example will now know that time and the federal government is on their side. If you’ve ever listened to stories of people who were raped when they were young, they suppress it and eventually convince themselves that they’re over it. Their rapist on the other hand will most like compound their number of victims because their crimes would have gone undetected.

Sick people become more brazen and confident when they’re not CAUGHT or exposed. These people will often even find themselves in positions of power because when the average human sees confidence they imagine that confidence couldn’t have come from a place of evil or wicked deeds. When a person sees Justin Trudeau as an example they don’t imagine he wore blackface and even when they find out Justin Trudeau wore blackface they excuse it, because they’ve bought into his confidence and personality.

“Trudeau didn’t wear blackface because he’s a racist, he wore it because he was young and clueless to what he was doing.” This is how a lot of people react when they find out someone they like is being accused of something bad or a criminal act. If you’ll notice, in the modern world a lot of people are going out of their way to protect criminal behavior. Pedophiles are looking for that same government protection and if you ask me, that’s what this conversion therapy bill is all about, they’re attempting to make pedophiles a protected class in society.

In countries like Pakistan as an example, grown men will say openly when they’re caught raping young boys and girls that they do it because they were raped when they were young. Now I get it that some people reading this are NAIVE and convince themselves that this doesn’t happen in Canada, but it does, the reason you might imagine it doesn’t happen in Canada is that you don’t get out much or you don’t talk to people.

I’ve been doing charity work since I was a very young person and when you allow yourself to listen instead of talking over people, you’ll hear things. Protestors usually DO NOT LISTEN, protestors are PRO-something meaning that they’re unwilling to negotiate or compromise because they have one objective in mind and they don’t care about the consequences.

a market approach to solving problems works better, because not every situation is the same, all humans aren’t the same, PRIVACY is something most people take very seriously, some people will sacrifice their own lives for their right to privacy. When some people are ready to come clean with things, the last place they want to go to is a government-approved institution Because government-approved institutions have to do things according to government mandates and if the mandate stipulates that the individual do something they’re not comfortable with, instead of talking about their abuse, that person might avoid talking about it altogether.

Police officers often have a difficult time getting people who witnessed a murder to come forward, most people do not like anything government-related, because the government often complicates things. a witness to a murder might not want to talk in fear that now they’re a target and because they can’t legally defend themselves in Canada, they’re an open target for the criminals.

It’s the same thing with pedophiles or people who have been sexually abused, they’re in fear a woman who is abused by her husband, often doesn’t come forward in fears that her abusive husband who clearly doesn’t care about the law might harm her or her children. a victim of sexual abuse often knows that the government is behind the 8 ball and remember when you accuse someone of something you have to be able to prove it.

One of the more effective strategies that were striking fear into pedophiles was more people coming forward with their me-too claims, it’s not to say that I too was perfect, but it was shining a light on people who were abused. Of course me-too quickly became POLICITIZED, now all of a sudden instead of there being multiple ways to skin a cat, the government attempts to take FULL CREDIT for a problem we as a society have the ability to get to the bottom of.

I do not want the FEDERAL government getting involved in Banning conversion therapy! This is not only lazy it’s protecting abusers. In movies, you’ll notice that the good guys are usually above the law, killing evil even if it’s illegal in the context of the movie, even when the character is a superhero or a cop, usually the hero of the story has to break or bend the law to get JUSTICE.

In the real world, a hero protecting children is quite rare, rapists and pedophiles often go undetected, because people who know something is happening often do not want to complicate their own lives. Pedophiles and rapists only get violated when they’re in prison with other criminals, and even then the government is supposed to protect them.

You see once a person decides to become a criminal, they see the world entirely different from law-abiding people. Law-abiding people often do not know how INCOMPETENT the government is, because they do their best to avoid interactions with the government, criminals, on the other hand, feed and flourish off of government incompetence, they’ll investigate laws, and measure the risk they’re taking, furthermore, you learn a lot about justice system once you’ve committed a crime.

Once you’ve engaged in criminal activity you start to see loopholes and government inefficiencies, a lot of criminals get involved in politics, because after all what do they have to lose? Have you listened to these politicians talk? Many of them are clueless, I heard Erin O’Toole, a Conservative politician, say he would protect Canadians nest egg? Meaning he would make sure the values of their homes don’t go down?

Then Erin O’Toole claims he will make the economy better? If you know the basics of market economy, protectionism leads to illegal activity, but if you imagine that people at the federal government are smarter than you, you’d imagine that a federal regulation on Banning conversion therapy will make the world a better place. Please Canada reject this! This law will benefit pedophiles!

Government set to introduce beefed-up bill banning conversion therapy |

Interesting times ahead!