The Canadian Province of Quebec could lose 11% of its Nurses Because of a New Quebec Government Regulation – October 11, 2021,

Western nations are adding more regulations to already heavily regulated industries and it’s something to behold. In time we’ll see what the end result will be, but for now, things on the surface appear to be okay.



The Quebec order of nurses (OIIQ) announced Monday that members who are not vaccinated against COVID-19 will have their permits to practice suspended as of Friday.

Currently, these regulations appear to be the law indefinitely moving forward, but it’s an interesting aw, because Quebec already has a nurse shortage. It’s not like being a nurse is an easy job, in Ontario becoming a Registered nurse will set you back 4 years of your life, and becoming a Registered Practical Nurse will set you back 2 years. Furthermore, not everyone who graduates practices nursing, in my opinion, this is one of those moves by the government to see who blinks first.

The claim is that 93 percent of the province’s roughly 80,000 nurses are adequately protected against COVID-19 but the numbers don’t add up, because the same article goes on to say “more than 4,000 members who are not properly vaccinated and another 5,716 whose status needs to be verified.” if you do that math 93% of nurses clearly are not fully vaccinated by the governments’ standards and of course, there will be people who lie, because unless laws are enforced most people will ignore them.

So potentially Quebec could see 11% of its nurses relieved of their duties, which could soon turn into a game of a chicken because it’s not easy replacing a competent nurse. I know entitled Canadians who imagine universal health care is free health care, imagine nurses as interchangeable, but some of the best nurses may not want to be vaccinated and/or might be close to retirement or simply might want a career change. I personally hate working in overly regulated environments and I’m not sure what will happen.

Quebec nurses order to suspend licences of unvaccinated members as government deadline looms |

Interesting times ahead