The cheapest way to drive traffic to a website

This might surprise most people but the cheapest way to drive people to a website is by writing a book. Writing books actually outlast posting videos, because, unlike videos, you can add more substance to a book which a person saves, BOOKMARKs or quotes. Posting videos can drive immediate website traffic to your website, but videos can age, be taken down, or be misinterpreted by the listener.

When it comes to writing a book, especially writing an eBook it can be printed, saved, stored, and used as means to promote what you’re selling. Writing an eBook can enhance your presence on social media, which in turn brings traffic to your website which in turn increases searches about your website.

You have to remember once you write an eBook of high value or if you write several eBooks and you mass distribute it, it’s a traffic generator, especially if you link to your website or tell your readers to follow you on social media.

This is why so many people have joined eBook Designer. First and foremost eBook Designer is cheap and it enhances your ability to go viral especially if you write about IN-DEMAND topics.

What most people are doing when joining eBook Designer is they’re posting their books on Amazon, some people give their information away for free or others use it for lead generation. Whatever your strategy, this allows you to generate free traffic to your website and it’s an ongoing process because eBook Designer doesn’t have a monthly or annual fee, you can literally be writing and publishing eBooks today and decades from now.

eBook Designer is not new, it’s just that the success stories using it are beginning to mount especially on Amazon. A lot of people are now fact-checking information they hear from the media or from centralized sources and if you’re smart, you’ll write an information eBook about a topic people are looking for answers to.

When you provide answers or solutions to problems, you’re immediately viewed as an expert on a topic. Now, again when you join eBook Designer you’re going to want to provide VALUE to readers, so even if you’re not the person who writes the book, make sure your readers get REAL value from your book.

When your eBooks provide real value for your customers you’ll acquire cheap traffic because the people who will join your newsletter via a book you wrote on a specific topic, will be customers joining your mailing list for a SPECIFIC purpose in mind.

If you let’s say you wrote an eBook about weight loss and people are joining your newsletter because of your book, now you have the opportunity to sell them on products you use to lose weight.

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