The Consequences of Joe Biden Declaring War on Fossil Fuels Creating Consumer Price Inflation: 60,000 Railroad Workers Are Prepared to Go On Strike (permanent price increases) – September 23, 2022

The Federal Reserve or any central bank is NOT supposed to get involved in the political process; in my opinion, it’s probably pretty obvious to all the people at the Federal reserve what is fueling CONSUMER PRICE INFLATION, but it’s not their role to tell Americans what President to vote for. By hook or by crook, Joseph R. Biden Jr is the 46th President of the United States, and he’s decided to take the U.S economy in a very novel direction.

In regards to the U.S economy, the standout Joe Biden policy is his war on DOMESTIC fossil fuel production; whether it’s regulations, taxes, or rhetoric, Joe Biden has waged war on fossil fuels, and what most people do not know is that fossil fuels, FUEL everything, there’s no PLASTIC without fossil fuels, I even talk about there being no Petroleum Jelly without fossil fuels, you can’t build a solar panel or wind turbine without fossil fuels, the electric current runs on copper wires, none of this stuff we take for granted can exist without fossil fuels, meaning that if you’re going to wage war on fossil fuels, you’re betting big on viable alternative can replace fossil fuels.

As of today’s date, that viable alternative to fossil fuels hasn’t arrived yet, and what this means is that consumer price inflation that was once thought of as TRANSITORY, may soon become a PERMANENT fixture on the U.S economy because once WAGES, especially UNIONIZED wages rise, only LAYOFFS can bring certain prices back down again.

Railroad workers have decided they want a pay raise, and who can blame them? Now, I’m not a pro-union guy, but one immoral act fuels another, fuels another. Because union people typically want their wages PINNED to inflation, which is the point of joining a Union, they’re watching consumer prices rise and they want their wages to rise to keep pace with what we were told was TRANSITORY inflation.

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One thing we all know is that wage-price hikes are NOT transitory; those are permanent, in fact, the great depression was fueled by Herbert Hoover SUGGESTING to employers that DO NOT lower their wages when the depression started, although employers could have IGNORED Herbert Hoover, he was the president of the United States, and during that era, employers didn’t want to find themselves at the crosshairs of what was the most powerful man in the United States, so employers stopped LOWERING the price for labor, which ultimately led to a HIRING FREEZE.

It’s important to understand that Herbert Hoover was a Republican, who was inadvertently opting to enact PRICE controls on wages, however, according to the voting public Herbert Hoover didn’t go far enough, and that’s where the demand for Franklin D. Roosevelt(FDR) came into play. FDR promised a NEW DEAL for the working man, and this NEW DEAL extended the Great Depression, as FDR didn’t only enact price controls, he also created regulations that FORCED all Americans to subsidize SOCIAL SECURITY.

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This obviously led to FDR changing the GOLD STANDARD, which ultimately led to the Gold Standard being abolished because, as we all know, social security is a SCAM that will only be able to payout so long as the CONFIDENCE in the rule by fiat money supply is upheld. When you can comprehend that consumer price inflation comes from GOVERNMENT PROMISES AND GOVERNMENT regulations, it becomes easier to see the direction the economy is heading.

When I say it’s easier to see the direction the economy, it doesn’t mean anyone can make an accurate call because there are obviously variables along the way, but when you see the larger picture of things, it’s easier to see what types of consumer price INFLATION are here to stay. Because of the IMPORTANCE of the railroad industry to the U.S economy, a price hike from railroad workers could signal PERMANENT price hikes for U.S consumer consumers.

Let’s imagine Joe Biden is thrown or voted out of office for someone who recognizes man-made climate change is a SCAM, this new president abolishes or ends Joe Bidens silly war on fossil fuels, and consumer price inflation RETREATS, well, the higher wages of those railroad workers along with the benefits they want WILL NOT decrease, and if anyone threatens to decrease them, they might go on a strike again.

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Has anyone ever seen a scenario in which the minimum wage law has gone DOWN? It’s not common, especially when you have people who believe in price controls, so this is how the market has all sorts fo INCORRECT pricing signals because what could happen is that the cost to ship things via rail might be artificially high in comparison to other forms of transportation if consumer price inflation retreats.

I remind the reader that consumer price inflation is the DIRECT result of Joe Biden declaring war on fossil fuels, yes, I’m aware of other “Progressive” politicians all over the world making similar mistakes, but this article revolves around the U.S economy. What we’re witnessing right now with the railroad workers potentially striking is something you’d be wise to pay close attention to because, as an example, we’re headed for the midterms in the U.S, and vote buying is usually the name of the game of U.S politicians, so I anticipate, Joe Biden and company attempting to make this problem go away somehow.

My political values align closely to Libertarians. However, I don’t point to CENTRAL BANKS as the main culprit; for me, the main culprit is DEMOCRACY. My view is that there was a DEMAND for the central bank and a DEMAND for an elastic money supply, and that’s why we have the system we have today, sure the central banks irritate me, but I guarantee you if central banks as we know them today were abolished that people would demand a similar banking system to what we have today because CHRISTIAN morality is not popular in the world, and the average person doesn’t have a FINANCIAL education.

Once you get a better glimpse into the REAL WORLD, you can make better INVESTMENT decisions. Because of the IMPORTANCE of the railroads to the U.S economy, this labor dispute is something you’d be wise NOT to ignore. Atlas Shrugged

60,000 Railroad Workers Are Prepared to Go On Strike | YouTube

Interesting times ahead!