The Conservative Party of Canada leadership race is still undecided if 35% of the Pierre Poilievre 311,958 memberships don’t show up and vote – July 5, 2022,



Based on my reviews and analysis, Jean Charest has a lot of Quebec supporters and that’s basically it, Charest support after Quebec starts to scatter, I actually think Jean Charest will do WORSE than Erin O’Toole in regards to a popular vote, BUT… Because of what Justin Trudeau and company are determined to do, which from where I look at things will cause a severe economic recession, Jean Charest may still win a general election, but I’d assume at a severe cost to the Conservative Party.

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Maxime Bernier recently has been conserving resources until he figures out what Conservative candidate will win. If Jean Charest or Patrick Brown, wins the CPC leadership race, this WILL change the fortunes of the People’s Party of Canada. In Ontario, the Liberal Party of Ontario had a VOTER turnout problem, now, I don’t know exactly what’s going on all over Canada, but I suspect if Justin Trudeau calls a snap election, he’s going to have a voter turnout problem also.

Ontario had the chance to have Liberals representing them in Ontario and Ottawa, nobody showed up for the Liberals including the GTA. So truth be told, Jean Charest and/or Patrick Brown could be the next Prime Minister of Canada, but depending on Trudeau’s approach, the People’s Party of Canada could REALISTICALLY become a serious threat to the Liberals and especially the NDP.

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I don’t see people as motivated about Labour unions as they once were and this puts the NDP vote at risk, I genuinely think the Liberals are, done, I was just reading an article talking about another regulation on fossil fuels that will pass the costs over to consumers, during what looks to be a recession, unless you’re a hardcore Liberal supporter, this type of economic destruction will lead you to NOT want to show up at the polls.

I bring this up because even if Pierre Poilievre somehow loses the leadership race, I think things have changed now for the Liberals. Now, Jean Charest I suspect will be faced the truth that he like Doug Ford, might become Prime Minister because of low voter turnout, but if Trudeau waits it out until 2025 in fears Charest will beat him, this gives the People’s Party of Canada a serious chance of convincing especially YOUNGER Canadians to vote for them.

a few months ago I argued that it was Pierre Poilievre or nothing, but I’m reading some of what Justin Trudeau has planned for Canada, and as an Ontarian, I get this Kathleen Wynne nostalgia, in the sense that I wonder if Canadians, in general, will stay home and say we’ve had enough of this? I don’t know, because Federal Politics is different from Provincial politics, but in my mind, the People’s Party of Canada becoming a threat to the NDP has more appeal to me than the Conservative Party winning in a landslide.

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Pierre Poilievre will restore Canada, to pre-pandemic Canada, I’m certain of that, but will Pierre Poilievre cut regulations that led to Canadians imaging voting for Justin trdueau was a good idea n the first place? I have no answer for that and that worries me most of all because CANDIDATE Trudeau in the minds of his supporters made good on his promises.

I don’t think his supporters understood how expensive and destructive Trudeau’s promises would be, but he made good on them, and if Pierre Poilievre is indeed the next Prime Minister of Canada the honeymoon period is about 1.5 years tops. As soon as Pierre Poilievre becomes leader, the media is going to attack him 24/7/365 it’s not going to work and truth be told especially right now with rampant inflation and Justin Trudeau refusing to back down from his climate change agenda, Pierre Poilievre is going to expose Justin Trudeau as a fraud to the MODERATE swing voters.

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Justin Trudeau is out of touch and has an extremely low IQ when it comes to the economy. When people are flush with cash and inflation is low, MODERATE Canadians are willing to try something new, but when they can’t pay their bills, even if they like you and what you stand for, they’re not going to vote for their own poverty.

Nobody INTENTIONALLY votes for poverty, people typically INADVERTENTLY vote for poverty, but Trudeau’s track record on the economy is what it is, and it’s horrendous, all of the gains were done by increasing the deficit? Opinion this will equate to LOW VOTER turnout.

The CPC leadership race is shaping up to be something memorable. I personally see no path to victory for Patrick Brown and nobody cares if he or doesn’t support Pierre Poilievre in the upcoming Federal election. Charest if he loses will likely call it a career, I look at Charest as someone looking out for himself and if I see it, trust me when I say that other Conservatives see also.

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I do think Charest could beat Trudeau, I hate saying that out loud, but I do think he can beat Trudeau, at what cost? I think Charest would be the best thing to happen to the People’s Party of Canada. I’ve been saying for years now that the People’s Party of Canada needs to win a Federal seat, people have to see it being done, once that happens, in my opinion it’s off to the races.

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Interesting times ahead!