The Damning Effects of Dollar Debasement, Transfer Payments, Universal Health Care and Welfare: Ontarians are almost $20,000 poorer than their U.S. neighbors, Quebecers $25,665 poorer – February 3, 2022,

If you’re a highly-skilled Canadian, it makes more sense to live in the United States, the way the Canadian economy is set up in 2022, benefits people dependent on government welfare. If you’re in need of some sort of government assistance, Canada would be the better choice, and this is the brain drain that’s often ignored that some of us talk and write about.

None of the engineers in my family live in Canada, if you’re a highly-skilled Canadian, you live here primarily because maybe you built your family here or you’re not to fond of traveling, but if you want to be compensated for highly skilled labor or above average IQ, you don’t want to be in Canada, when you’re in high demand in the United States.

To benefit silly communist initiatives like supply management, the Canadian dollar is INTENTIONALLY debased, so saving Canadian dollars instead of saving U.S greenbacks put you at a deficit, adding to your deficit is the cost of living in Canada, health care is optional in America, you don’t have to buy health care insurance, sure most working-class Americans have health insurance, but unlike Canadians, Americans, namely working-class Americans aren’t forced to finance a universal health care scheme.

Transfer Payments don’t exist in America, if your State or city have bad economic laws, you either live with them or leave. so you’ll often notice that Americans, unlike Canadians, move from State to State, typically whenever a Progressive governor or mayor takes over the State. Even republican run states with low minimum wages, see influxes of people, primarily because THE COST OF LIVING is lower.

Equalization or transfer payments in Canada, reward horribly run provinces like Quebec, with money the Federal government takes from better run provinces like Saskatchewan, of course, this presents challenges, that Premiers of “Have” provinces have to deal with like, because if Quebec’s government is running a perpetual deficit because of the dumb ideas that are derived from the government, Quebec is rewarded with money from Saskatchewan, meaning that it makes little to no sense for Quebecer to leave Quebec, no matter how dumb their provinces economic policies are.


Dumb big government ideas tend to breed more dumb big government ideas, so as more Canadians find themselves on welfare, the tax burden which in 2022 is mostly coming from consumer price inflation, is paid by Canada’s working classes, this is what fuels Canadians being poorer than Americans. There’s a cost for me to go to work, if I drive a gas or even electric car, I have to pay insurance, inflated energy costs, inflated food prices, I’m forced to pay for health care services, I probably don’t use, I’m paying for the people in Canada who don’t work, I’m paying for pension benefits I might never get.

Furthermore, my income taxes unlike America’s income tax system will actually punish me in Canada if I work too hard, in America, their income tax payments are usually quite large until they pass a certain threshold, in Canada, if you make the mistake of working two jobs, you will find yourself owing the government money if you didn’t do proper tax planning.

Lastly, in America, it’s easier to set up a trust, in Canada, when we call Justin Trudeau a trust fund baby, most Canadians don’t even know what a trust is. It’s a lot harder to set up a trust in Canada, in America, not so much, I bring this up, because a Trust could equate to you paying fewer taxes and also qualifying for more loans, which if you’re a savvy investor could equate to an American enriching themselves a lot faster.

In Canada, the government sets up all sorts of barriers for Canadians to avoid paying what should be called voluntary taxes. The Tea Party really happened in America, whatever option exists NOT to pay taxes or fees, Americans want to know about it, Canadians on the other hand have been taught to be obedient and subservient to the crown.

When you’re not rebellious to the expansion of your government expect to be poorer! If bigger overbearing governments created wealth Chinese people wouldn’t be fleeing China!

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Interesting times ahead!