The failure to Understand VOLUNTEERISM: Pierre Poilievre promises new “Plain Language Law,” why simplified language means NOTHING if Canada’s Democracy is Tyrannical – September 2, 2022,


When you learn ANY new language, what you quickly figure out is that the complexities of a language actually coincide with the IQs of the population. In Europe for example, learning German, French, or English is advised; why? Because Censorship or socialism didn’t completely dominate the development of these languages. One of the reasons English speakers tend to do so well in life in compassion to everyone else is the COMPLEXITY of the English language; the English language is so complex that the Chinese Communist Party often has to CENSOR western information from getting into Chinese society.


Not knowing a word is a GOOD thing because it makes you research the word and figure out the history of the word; most words have a HISTORY attached to it, so the government attempting to SIMPLIFY language, in my opinion, is silly. If we want to be serious about the legal jargon in Ottawa, what we should be talking about is ending CENSORSHIP. We can pretend censorship is something new in Canada, but the Canadian Radio and Television Commission(CRTC) was created in 1976, and it’s been monitoring what information can be published for Canadian ears for a long time.

Anyone interested in looking into the legalities of any law in Canada is free to do so; however, if someone DARES to make the mistake of PUBLICALLY publishing information regarding a certain law that CRTC deems inappropriate or conspiratorial, that person might find their new life moving forward to be a living hell.

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Simplifying the language of laws can actually work against its intention because western society is SUPPOSED to be based on volunteerism, not government force. When the settlers discovered CANADA, the indigenous people should not have been FORCED to adapt to the western way of life; however, property rights were not established with the First Nations people until it was defined by the European settlers.

For this reason, First Nations people in Canada have land RESERVED for them under the laws of their treaties. The reality is that the First Nations people can renege on their part of the deal if they want to. However, they see no benefit in doing so because, as an example, without the European settlers, it’s unclear if First Nations people would have electricity, running water or many of the other benefits introduced to them from European settlers.

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The entire theory behind property rights is the result of the complexities of the English language. Without the complexities of the English and French languages, it would be impossible to explain certain things using WORDS. There was no internet as we know it before 1983, so if I were to throw out the word “internet” in the 1970s, nobody would be able to interpret what I was I talking about; now that there is so much INTEREST and demand for the internet, the word itself has become self-explanatory.

In regards to the complexities of certain laws, most Canadians will not read the laws if they’re simplified; in regards to the complexities in the tax code, Pierre Poilievre could actually be setting Canadians up for a TYRANNICAL government to simplify the tax code. The complex tax code allows for loopholes based on certain criteria, now, if I’m to be honest, I’d rather a FLAT simplified TAX, but Canada’s Big government can’t allow that to happen because some Canadians are more EFFICIENT with resources than other Canadians, meaning that Left Wing collective groups will as they always do blame the rich for their poverty and will likely elect a politician who will punish the rich.

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As we all know, knowledge is power, and most rich people are rather resourceful and can look way into the future, so when the poor think they’re attacking the rich, they’re actually attacking the MIDDLE CLASS, who have no means to defend themselves from the complex or simplified tax code. The issue we’re having in the modern era in Canada, is government FORCE vs Volunteerism

Every other week, Justin Trudeau announces he will be giving millions or billions of dollars to some group or organization; now, Trudeau does this because a lot of Canadians do not care how the government sends them their money, so long as they get it. Trudeau forces PRODUCTIVE Canadians in the private sector to send the Federal government so he can spend it in a manner he deems fit, now if you think SIMPLIFIED laws are going to change this, you’re wrong.

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People who want something for nothing will use the political process to achieve their objectives, and we have to be honest, even if Pierre Poilievre becomes prime Minister, there will likely be Left-wing groups who will make it their mission to use the simplified language laws, to justify the use of force when they get back into power.

Democracy is mob rule, and immoral people will vote for immorality; I personally think if Pierre Poilievre intends to cut taxes, he should do it if Pierre Poilievre intends to cut regulations, he should do it if he plans to enact certain laws as PM he should do it, but I personally do not believe that simplifying anything will change tyranny in this country because I personally thought the internet would have helped the Liberty movement, but I forgot that a lot of people don’t use the interest for knowledge, they use it for ENTERTAINMENT, and if I’m looking for confirmation bias online I can find it, meaning that simplified language in the law will do nothing because only the people interested in the law will desire to interpret it.

Furthermore, as we saw with the Justin Trudeau invoking the emergencies Act, if the majority agree with the PMs actions, there will be no punishment for him. Again this is a VOLUNTEERISTIC society, and because we’re veering away from that, you’re introducing tyranny. How you stop tyranny in its tracks is by waking as many people up to why Big Government is bad as you can, so they can teach others the same.

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I don’t write these posts for financial gain, I write them so others can read it and create derivatives of them, when I write my posts, many have never heard a point of view like this before, then they can compare my point of view to other points of view and formulate their own LIBERTY point of view and the more of us there are out here, the more NORMALIZED Liberty will become.

Who cares if you agree with me? What’s important is that we don’t allow a CYCLOPS'(loud, extraordinarily strong, inhospitable, and both murderous and violent) way of thinking to dominate the world! Collectivists are the Cyclops, and they will not stop until they feel their way of thinking dominates the world; we are water bearers pouring forth the waters of wisdom, bringing life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness to the world, and happiness is COMPLEX it’s not simple, my happiness is not the same as yours. However, neither of us can use force against the other to impede the happiness of the other.

I should not be FORCED to finance Left-wing ideals; if Leftists think that manmade climate change is real, that’s fine, but I don’t, and I shouldn’t be FORCED to subsidize their ideals, implied legal jargon, won’t change what Left Wingers believe in, but I should not be forced to be a slave to their ideology. I stop Left Wing tyranny by OUT WORKING them, beating them to punch, getting to where they’re going before they get there; I beat tyranny by VOLUNTEERING FREE information and teaching people to think critically about things.

Fight for fewer words: Pierre Poilievre promises new law against government jargon |

Interesting times ahead!