The forgotten 1990s Bob Rae NDP Economic Disaster Mike Harris Had Fix: Common Sense Revolution – Mike Harris’s 2021 appointment to the Order of Ontario – December 31, 2021

As per usual whenever anyone considered to be Conservative gets an award, the Welfare loving Canada’s come out in droves to launch their complaints, making matters worse are the Conservatives who remain silent, when these emotional Leftists with their entitlements for other people’s hard work go on a tirade trying to explain why they’re entitled to labour and resources they didn’t work for or earn.

During the 1990s even the Liberal Party of Canada was cutting the size of government, Pierre Trudeau had created an economic disaster, and gutless Brian Mulroney instead of reversing what Pierre had done, did what most politicians do which is tried to play both sides. This idiotic move by former PM Brian Mulroney led to Kim Campbell Canada’s first female Prime Minister inheriting an economic and social disaster that was impossible for her to address let alone fix within her short tenure.

Austerity measures were front and center and Ontario Premier Bob Rae clueless that Ontario was broke, deemed it wise to be even more generous with other people’s money and resources, failed miserably. During normal times Ontario would have never opted for Mike Harris to be Premier of Ontario, but Left Wing politics were finally becoming unpopular and Mike Harris a Toronto native dared to do the impossible, he cut welfare, cut spending, and lowered taxes.

Known as the Common Sense Revolution I thought Mike Harris did what he could while he was Premier, I’d like someone to explain to me what’s the perfect way to get these welfare-loving leeches to contribute their fair share to society? Former Governor of Puerto Rico Luis Fortuño reminds all of us that if you’re going to cut the size of government you have to do it early on. Why? Because Left Wing and other entitled groups will do everything in their power to justify why they’re deserving of other people’s stuff. Left-wingers are also violent and if you’re going to be the leader of a Province, and you want to cut government spending, the reality is your life is at risk.

Making matters worse, when you’re shrinking government, the Conservative support is going to be silent, because most Conservatives are not violent, not only are they not violent, they’re often the silent voters. Conservative people in general would rather be left alone, Left-Wingers on the other hand want a platform to show how “Woke” they are.

Although the term “Woke” is modern, a “wokeness” movement existed in the 1990s, reckless government spending is nothing new, the difference now compared to the 1990s is that more people are consciously aware of government waste. In the 1990s unless you visited a library or went to a classical liberal or Conservative lecture, you’d have no idea why classical liberals and Conservatives defended free-market capitalism.

The average idiot imagines capitalism and slavery to be one and the same. As an example, a unionized worker doesn’t imagine that the freedom and liberty to quit a job is a beautiful right we have as Canadians, instead, the brainwashed unionized worker imagines that they’re a slave who can’t leave their union job because of “insert reason here”.

Because these union workers feel like they’re being exploited they turn to the government to do something about it, when the government gives in to Union demands, the private sector shrinks, because these newly added regulations on the economy make it harder for an employer to turn a profit. For people ignorant of business, they don’t understand the correlation between consumers’ unwillingness to pay higher prices and wage stagnation.

Canadians want to pay less for things, yet they want the government to force employers to pay an above-market wage? Now, a reminder of when Mike Harris was premier, the Bank of Canada interest rate was not ZERO percent, so government deficit spending back then had serious consequences and this of course is why Mike Harris had to take decisive action as Premier.

Was Mike Harris perfect? Of course not, I’d like someone to explain to me the perfect way to shrink government? A lot of the left-wing idiots in Puerto Rico regard Luis Fortuño as the most corrupt politician in the history of the territory. Anyone with common sense knows how hard and lonely of a battle shrinking government is. You’re the dentist solving decades of problems created by your clients’ daily visits to the candy shop.

Anyway as imperfect as Mike Harris was, I give him credit for what he was able to do for Ontario. I’d like people to tell me what politician wasn’t corrupt? I imagine when Justin Trudeau leaves politics, as corrupt as he is, the Leftists will find any and every reason to justify his corruption. Narratives are the name of the game in politics and Mike Harris should know that he was appreciated by people like me. There is no perfect way to shrink government, anyway who tries to convince you otherwise clearly has no serious interest in politics

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Interesting times ahead!