Sen. Josee Forest-Niesing a 56-year-old Sudbury senator is no longer in intensive care from Covid-19

Sen. Josee Forest-Niesing a 56-year-old Sudbury senator is no longer in intensive care from Covid-19

‘The guy’s lost his mind’: Ontario Premier Doug Ford condemns Randy Hillier Vax comments, meanwhile DOUBLE VACCINATED Canadian Senator Josée Forest-Niesing hospitalized in Sudbury, Ontario for COVID-19 – October 23, 2021,

First and foremost let me be clear that I think getting vaccinated is something you should seriously consider. With that said people who have negative reactions to these vaccines are being ignored, and well, can we please have a discussion on the topic? Because I thought this was about saving lives and I don’t like how we’re being brainwashed into believing that we should pick and choose when we should side with the minority on political issues.

‘The guy’s lost his mind’: Ford condemns anti-vax MPP | Youtube

Now in fairness to Doug Ford, the way the question was FRAMED by the reporter led to Doug Ford answering the question in the manner he did. If you listen to the reporter, the reporter makes claims that can’t be verified, because people lie on social media all the time. The problem with the Left-wing media is that they pick and choose which social media comments they want to believe without even checking the sources. This is one of the reasons I avoid major social media websites and don’t take mainstream media seriously, it’s disgusting what’s happened to journalism.

The problem with POLITICAL democracy is that it’s majority rule and if as an example, the majority of people are pro-slavery, good luck getting out of bondage if you’re the minority being enslaved, that’s the flaw of political democracy and this is why we have monarchs, and republics because popular opinion isn’t always the moral thing to do.


So Randy Hillier made some statements and brought up some relevant facts and as is the case with pro-freedom folks, we like to add a little bit of shock value to our comments, because most Canadians don’t understand nor do they comprehend what freedom is. When people are slaves or when they’ve been brainwashed, they usually don’t know they’ve been enslaved or brainwashed, they imagine that their frame of reference is pure and scientific and void of any financial influence or corruption.

In Communist China, as an example, I have male friends from China who are pro-freedom for China, but they have to be silent, especially around WOMEN, because women are often the most loyal to the Communist government, because of the one-child policy China actually has more men than women because women are imagined as weak. This is why I wonder what would happen to the Chinese Military during a prolonged war, where its adversaries are resisting because they even have defectors within their military ranks, who like many public servants joined the armed forces not for nationalistic pride but for power and a paycheck.

Sen. Forest-Niesing hospitalized despite being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 |

Why a bring this up is because most Canadians and people around the world for that matter are going along with these mandates not because they believe in them, but because of their own personal reasons. Because of this, we’re being denied the reality that vaccines don’t always work. Now, the fact that they don’t always work, wouldn’t it be morally right for the media to do some investigating as to why? Why don’t Vaccines work in certain circumstances, they’re the media, that’s what they’re there to do investigate things and also speak up for the minority of people who are hesitant?

It’s not like Canada is this bastion of choice for vaccines, the government gives us the options for vaccines they believe are the best and we’re forced to accept them. Recently Justin Trudeau has built a Berlin wall at Canadian airports, if you haven’t taken the Federal Government approved vaccine good luck using a Canadian airport?

We’re not allowed to have a discussion about this and Randy Hillier took the risk of bringing up something that’s being ignored and under the right media pressure, Doug Ford made sure he made a statement that aligns with Big Government mandates. I get everything that’s happening and I also understand that if you’ve been vaccinated you likely don’t give a damn about the people who haven’t been vaccinated, for some of you who are vaccinated you believe in the government and don’t understand why these weird people refuse to get the jab?

I get it, but if that’s how you feel you’re anti-freedom and you may not know that we’re headed down the same road as Communist China. Already Communist China’s economy is stronger than ours, now that shortages are becoming more common in Western nations, the Chinese Communist Party is now in much better negotiations position.

Why this is happening is because China is not becoming more like Western nations, Western Nations are becoming more like China, more and more Westerners don’t see FREEDOM and LIBERTY as something worth fighting for. Independent Randy Hillier made the decision that Freedom of choice is worth fighting for and establishment politician Doug Ford made sure he reminded Ontarians that Big Government knows best.

My opinion on the matter is that Canada’s PUBLIC educational system is pumping out a lot of pro-socialist people and I expect it to get worse in the future if people don’t stand up against tyranny. Again, I think all Canadians should seriously consider being vaccinated, but I think the media and the establishment politicians are being extremely unfair to the people who are hesitant.

Sen. Josée Forest-Niesing hospitalized in Sudbury, Ont., for COVID-19 |

Interesting times ahead