The Ignorance in Canadian Media Continues: “Job shortage may mean welcome change” – Some people conveniently ignore the COST OF DOING BUSINESS, Higher wages matched by more regulations and higher costs of living – December 21, 2021,

So yeah, first and foremost I’m an optimist, I’m optimistic that hopefully, Canadians will be day see the light and demand AUSTERITY MEASURES. After reading the article I point to below, I have to assume the professional writer is young and inexperienced, about what money is supposed to represent. First and foremost money is supposed to represent a STORER OF VALUE! meaning that the price of my labor today should be worth MORE in the future.

Technology has actually been DEFLATONARY for the economy, when the Cell phone was first launched it didn’t have APP’s, the first cell phones were not smartphones, yet they were more expensive than they are today! Innovations bring down the cost of living, what makes the cost of living rise are GOVERNMENT INVENTIONS and GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS on the economy. I’m trying to keep this post short but I’ll give you another example of what I mean, I can now get on Netflix for $22 Canadian dollars per month what would have cost me $200 per month at Blockbuster video. This is another example of DEFLATION in prices, my prior labor is now worth more today than it was when I worked in the 1990s my Canadian dollars buy me more, so my lower wages actually resulted in an increase in my standard of living.

Now, for Left-Wing people or people who are financially illiterate, they tend to ignore the damage the government does to people’s standard of living. In the 1990s the Liberal government devised a FEDERAL plan to make housing more affordable for ALL Canadians? That plan is now making the rich richer and the poor and WORKING middle-class poorer. Now in the article presented to me below the writer attempts to praise the Liberal Government of Canada, for helping workers to get a wage increase? But what the writer conveniently ignores are the cost of living increases?

Why does the writer do this? Maybe it’s ignorance, maybe they’re biased or maybe they’re merely trying to provide some optimism? Well, in the spirit of spreading optimism, I’d like Canadians to consider shrinking the size of government, let’s consider cutting government spending, and also cutting government regulations on our lives.

Technology has been wonderful instead of being forced to write a book and be at the mercy of some mone hungry publishers who would impose a minimum order quantity on me to publish my material, I can now write a blog post for free a share it with a global audience I otherwise wouldn’t have if people smarter than me didn’t create this beautiful creation called the world wide web.

Let’s please, pretty please with sugar on top consider shrinking the size of government, a big government is a little too pricey for my tastes.

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