The Liberal and NDP coalition is running out of ideas: National handgun sales ‘freeze’ takes effect (Bankruptcies on the Rise) – October 22, 2022,

Although this was supposed to come across as a huge shock, this is mostly coming across to most Canadians, as Justin Trudeau and the NDP trying to make it seem like they’re doing something. The Canadian economy, although AT THE MOMENT looking better than many other countries, is headed for a period in which I expect a lot of BANKRUPTCIES.



Commercial bankruptcies rising in Canada, says business lobby group | (Aug 18, 2022)

It’s not like Canadian gun owners weren’t aware of Trudeau’s gun grab; truth be told, all Trudeau did was guarantee he and the NDP won’t be getting votes from a certain segment of the population. It’s not like Canada is this giant gun manufacturing hub; in fact, all Trudeau did was make sure Canada is more reliant on IMPORTING weapons into Canada.

Increased Gun control regulations aren’t a good sign for gun parts manufacturers. I bring this up because this virtue signaling is actually very bad for the economy. Because gun culture in Canada is not very big, this story for most Canadians will fly over their heads; some might not even understand it. This goes to show you that both the NDP and Liberals are running out of ideas.

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Quite frankly, this didn’t even require an elaborate speech, but maybe it did because the Liberals are trying to appear like they’re doing something. In the grand scheme of things, gun owners are already treated like criminals; when you LEGALLY own a gun in Canada, the police can basically nationalize your personal residence or BUSINESS whenever they feel like it.

Maybe nationalize isn’t the best word to use, but ask any LEGAL gun owner; by legally owning a firearm in this country, you’re opening your doors to the government. So by him banning handguns, it’s for most of us it’s like “sure, yea, whatever,” and for a law-abiding Canadian who doesn’t own a gun, they’re probably like, “I thought handguns were already banned?”.

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What new spending or regulations will Trudeau come up with next? They’re working on a spending bill for Universal Dental Care, which, no matter how often I say it to myself, sounds so stupid. A lot of people don’t even like going to the dentist, and being a dentist offers a lot of flexibility and dentists already don’t like dealing with insurance companies; I can’t imagine they’ll enjoy doing business with the Federal Government of Canada? Maybe I’m wrong; we’ll have to wait and see.

In a nutshell, Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Sign appear hell-bent on driving up consumer prices; every week, all I hear from Canadian media regarding this two morons is spending, regulations, and taxes. They’re doing all of this while their cost to borrow money from the Central Bank is skyrocketing. Some will argue that the central bank is going to lower interest rates to save the STOCK MARKET. I say, sure, but when has lowering interest rates ever led to a DEFLATION in prices?

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The last time the Bank of Canada lowered interest rates, housing and rent prices soared. It’s hard for me to imagine that LOWER INTEREST RATES from the Bank of Canada will lead to lower gas prices or energy prices, not with this type of Left Wing leadership, which has declared war on DOMESTIC FOSSIL FUEL production.

For me, all signs point to HIGHER INTEREST RATES being the norm, which means Trudeau’s borrowing costs are going up, meaning that he and Jagmeet better find a way to combat consumer price inflation soon. Because once those bankruptcies start to pile up, if you think consumer prices are bad now, you wait until there are fewer people who will qualify for a loan to keep themselves afloat, and the Canadian government is in worse fiscal shape than it’s in now.

National handgun sales ‘freeze’ takes effect – October 22, 2022, |

Interesting times ahead!