a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

The Liberal-NDP deal on pharmacare and Dental is a disaster waiting to happen: In 2021, the NDP only received 17.82% of the vote, an Opportunity For The People’s Party of Canada? – March 24, 2022

I’m going to provide a little context because if you’re NOT an NDP supporter, it’s hard to comprehend why some news outlets are reporting on this Liberal-NDP partnership that seeks to grow the size of government as a good thing. So for the socialists in the NDP, they don’t see any downsides in our current Universal Health Care system, they imagine that any inefficiencies that exist in current universal health care, are merely kinks that will be fixed in time.

So for the democratic socialists in the NDP, they imagine that Universal Dental coverage is something every Canada wants and will want in the future. Unfortunately for both Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh most Canadians including many Liberals don’t want the same problems that plague Universal Health Care in Canada to plague Dental in Canada.

What do I mean by that? well if everyone qualifies, services go down, sure Dentists prefer cash over dealing with insurance companies, but I’m sure Dentists prefer dealing with Insurance companies over dealing with the government. My personal doctor retired when the government forced him to go digital. Actually, I shouldn’t say my doctor retired, he retired from practicing in Canada.

I can’t speak for dentists in Canada because I’m not one, but most Canadians didn’t vote for Nationalized Dental Care, the NDP got a little over 3 million total votes, Canada has nearly 40 million people? Justin Trudeau with all his scandals still managed to get 33% of the total votes at about 5.6 million and the Leftwing voters could have voted for Jagmeet Singh, but they choose not to.

Liberal-NDP deal on pharmacare should include some illicit substances: advocates | thestar.com

Can Canada’s mainstream media convince Canadians to love this new dental and pharma care? I don’t know, but I personally don’t like Canada’s existing health care system. Imagining that Universal health care as I know it today is going to spread sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. My goal on this blog however is to talk about the economic consequences of this Liberal NDP merger, which I think is being ignored.

Canada Is Set To Get A New Dental Care Program & Here’s Everything We Know About It So Far | narcity.com

Most people are imagining that the inflation we’re experiencing is transitory, I disagree, I think it’s just getting started, and in case you’re not paying attention, the surpluses revenue in taxes Justin Trudeau’s Liberals got because of unexpected consumer price inflation is already being spent. So the deficit is not being paid down, and I don’t think the inflation we’re experiencing is transitory?

Some NDP supporters hate The Conservative Party But May Consider the People’s Party of Canada

To my surprise, quite a few WORKING Class NDP supporters have been considering the People’s Party of Canada. Here’s what I know about some NDP supporters, they’re curious about economics, but they’ve only known of Marxism. Karl Marx appealed to the poor and middle class, and the capitalist manifesto although very divisive was a very easy read, this is very important to understand. Because on the flipside is Austrian economists Ludwig von Mises who is more detailed in his approach but also offers knowledge that might be harder to digest.

The internet is making free-market capitalism easier to understand, you no longer have to spend hundreds of hours reading about free-market capitalism to understand why it’s superior to Big Government. What this means is that more of the working class is waking up to the notion of demanding their own wages. Where the challenge comes in is that most people imagine that government intervention into the economy is necessary in some capacity.

It’s for this reason that I believe the People’s Party of Canada should do focus less on campaigning and more on educating. If Pierre Poilievre wins the Conservative Leadership race, a lot of Conservative and moderate voters will see this as an opportunity to get rid of Justin Trudeau, so The People’s Party of Canada will likely see its votes dwindle, but maybe not!

Because I personally believe that NDP and the Liberals made several miscalculations with this merger. First and foremost, Canada is broke and instead of paying down the deficit in the face of potentially higher central bank interest rates, the Liberals are looking to spend and regulate the economy even more. So I think the cost of living is going up, secondly, more people chasing fewer dentists, and the dentists now having to worry about government intrusion into their financial affairs is not a good thing.

When Bill Morneau was finance Minister he made it a mission of his to attack the physicians in Canada. The NDP and Liberals moving forward will likely employ a similar approach to Dentists, whenever it’s politically expedient. Similar to Doctors, Canadian-trained dentists are in high demand GLOBALLY. My personal dentist is all over the world, he’s rarely in Canada, he volunteers in countries I’ve never heard of.

I bring this up because highly skilled labor doesn’t have to accept tyranny. My doctor retired early because he doesn’t need Canada! Now again I don’t know what the future holds, but I don’t think this Liberal NDP deal is all sunshine and roses! I think the People’s Party of Canada would be wise to consider courting working-class NDP voters, reminding them that Liberals and NDP are not only stealing their purchasing power but also stealing their worker’s benefits.

What has the NDP done for the working class? their wages are being eaten away by consumer price inflation? There is a lot of opportunity for the People’s Party of Canada to peel away NDP votes. I’m not sure how the Party will move forward, but in my opinion, this NDP-Liberal merger is an economic nightmare, and the People’s Party of Canada, would be wise to get ahead of the story.

Canada Set To Get A New Dental Care & Pharmacare Program Thanks To The Liberal-NDP Deal | narcity.com

Interesting times ahead!