The Liberal Party of Canada Wants to FORCE Farmers to reduce fertilizer use; nearly 6 million people in Canada experienced food insecurity in 2021 because of Justin Trudeau’s War on Fossil Fuels – August 18, 2022,


Let’s play pretend for a few minutes; imagine Justin Trudeau’s carbon taxes and the war on fossil fuels were proving not to have devastating effects on the Canadian economy. I can guarantee you that by now, more people would be softened up to the idea of banning fossil fuels. Because Left Wing ideology revolves around GLOBALISM, everyone is noticing the collaborating efforts from Left Wing politicians to repeat the same talking points.

Left-wingers have HISTISTORICALLY minimized common sense economics from their objectives, imagining that EFFICIENT INNOVATION is guaranteed no matter what regulations the government puts on the economy. There’s even a push to get people to eat BUGS by the socialists, why? Because their trying to condition the public to accept their agenda.

Social engineering is common amongst the socialists, they imagine Capitalism as social engineering, and therefore they imagine that with the right messaging, they can re-engineer minds to become Globalist slaves. In case people forget, CAPITALISM was formed after Lincoln freed the slaves, and the Democrat’s Left Wingers have been using every tactic in the book to put people BACK on the slave plantation.

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Socialism is SLAVERY; socialism is a system in which the slave masters determine your destiny. Now you might think to yourself; the socialists are fighting for a larger welfare state; that doesn’t sound like slavery to me. You’re wrong. The Welfare State is used to dumb you down and open you up to the concept of selling your soul or giving up your liberties in exchange for a government handout.

A few generations of this and most people won’t even question the political masters and instead will simply obey them, while simultaneously trying to destroy the lives of people who don’t obey the government or their thought leader. Below is a short 12-page eBook By Lawrence W. Reed that you should consider reading to be comprehend how socialist FUEL poverty.


Are We Rome? By Lawrence W. Reed | Understanding How The Welfare State Destroys Society

“The paramount lesson
of the Roman experience
is actually not peculiar
to Rome. It may be, in
fact, the most universal
lesson of all history: No
people who have lost
their character have
kept their liberties.”


If you noticed that Trudeau’s fertilizer ban is almost completely out of the news cycle as of today’s date, it’s because a lot of Canadians 100% trust Justin Trudeau and will even go so far as to watch Canadian society CRUMBLE. Because, after all, they’ve been CONDITIONED to trust and never oppose POLITICAL authority figures.

Trudeau has to be smarter than everyone else; otherwise, he wouldn’t be Prime Minister, right? or I like Trudeau because he fights for most of the things I believe in, so no matter how bad things get I will support him for the greater good of humanity Cult of personality is conditioned into the hearts and minds of people who usually don’t think CRITICALLY.

I bring this up to those of you who think things can’t get any worse. In the story I point to above the author makes sure the reader understands that from a historical perspective, “No people who have lost their character have kept their liberties.”. If you sell your soul once, you’d likely sell your soul again and again, and one of the reasons for this is that you’ll lack having a moral compass and will likely SELL YOUR SOUL FOR A GOVERNMENT HANDOUT!

A capitalistic society revolves around CHOICES; the Quebec separatist movement has been shrinking because the growth of the Quebec Welfare State has proven to be disastrous. Initially, the Quebec separatists assumed that being INDEPENDENT was fun, but then the reality settled in; the reality of the Quebec separatist movement is that their welfare state is NOT sustainable independent of Canada.

Transfer payments made Quebecers WEAK and ARROGANT, and now that their own people are feeling the effects of being high off the Hog, the Canadian Federation doesn’t seem so bad after all. On the flip side of this is Alberta, which has been the breadbasket of Quebec for over 50 years. 2021 was the first time in fifty years Alberta received more money from Ottawa than it sent, and the ONLY reason this happened was because of Justin Trudeau’s war on fossil fuels and the Pandemic.

So the main reason Ottawa sent Alberta money was because of the stupid covid-19 mandates along with the carbon taxes and other climate alarmist regulations created by the Canadian Federal government.

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For the first time in more than 50 years, Alberta received more money from Ottawa than it sent | (November 10, 2021)
Alberta received roughly $68.5 billion in federal spending in 2020, almost double what it received in 2019

So here we are in a period in which the Prime Minister is destroying Canadians’ food security and going so far as to ban fertilizer which could make the food situation even worse, and because a lot of Canadians, via socialist brainwashing, have NO MORAL COMPASS, the current Prime minister could still potentially win another upcoming election, because after all, Justin Trudeau only has to win in Quebec and Ontario and he’s the Prime Minister.

This is obviously something Albertans comprehend, and it’s one of the reasons their secession movement, according to the polls, is actually 8 points higher than the Quebec secessionist movement.

FIRST READING: Quebec separatism reached lowest ebb since the Quiet Revolution of the sixties | (July 25, 2022)

just 30 per cent of Quebecers agreed with the sentiment “my province would be better off as its own country.”

When Research Co. pollsters asked Albertans in December if they’d be better off as an independent country, 38 per cent answered in the affirmative.

Why is it that only Conservatives appear to be worried about the potential fertilizer ban? The answer to that question is simple, “No people who have lost their character have kept their liberties.” When people like me speak ill about the welfare state, we know our personal standard of living might fall as well, but it’s worth it, because I do not want to be a slave.

Farmers blast feds for ‘uninformed’ fertilizer emissions proposal |

Humanity has solved world hunger; I’m one of the RARE writers who write POSITIVELY about Genetically modified organisms (GMOs). I do believe eating GMOs should be an OPTION, but I’d much rather have the OPTION of GMOs than have food scarcity. As you can see with the climate change alarmist crowd, they want to LIMIT your options; they want to destroy entire industries that humanity relies on for its survival to achieve their Global-Socialist/Globalist utopia.

The globalist agenda is a lot like RADICAL ISLAMIC terrorists who are willing to kill themselves and their enemies for THEIR GREATER GOOD! There are a lot of very smart and PRODUCTIVE Muslims who will find their hard work blown up and DESTROYED because of the radicals in their society who imagine ALLAH as a radical just like them, and these radicals will then have the MOTIVATION to do everything in their power to DESTROY the lives of the Productive in order to achieve what they imagine is ALLAH’s will.

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Radials destabilize society, and it’s easier for the radicals to destabilize society because people without character do not know HOW to fight back against tyranny. “No people who have lost their character have kept their liberties.” this is because you have to know what you’re fighting in order to have the will to fight. The climate change alarmists are quite clear in their objectives, and they have all the fuel they could ever need, the roadblock that’s quickly approaching is the very real reality that food scarcity might be already here.

If you imagine that food scarcity will stop change the minds of climate change alarmists, you’re wrong again; most Islamic terrorists suffer from food scarcity, and people who imagine they have a PURPOSE in life might get even more aggressive because they might imagine their dream is within reach, this is what a lot of Conservative people don’t seem to understand, some humans have been CONDITIONED to hate liberty, freedom, and prosperity.

I get it some people don’t want to eat GMOs, but if you want to ban other people from eating GMOs, in my opinion, you’re satanic. You’d rather a person starve than have the option of eating genetically modified foods? You rather kill cows and convince people to eat bugs because you imagine the climate is changing? Last time I checked, Canada used to be a large sheet of Ice. That large sheet of ice that used to be Canada began melting long before FOSSIL FUELS; in fact, it could be argued that global warming slowed down since Canada started melting.

Man-made climate change is a SCAM, and as I like to point out, we have a lot of alternatives to oil and gas already; I’ve written about this plenty of times, and most people know these alternatives exist and know they could change the world, but if they’re allowed to come on the market then POLITICAL CLIMATE CHANGE IS DEAD on arrival!

There are plenty of CLEANER alternatives to solar and wind ALREADY, but these alternatives DO NOT need government assistance, government welfare, carbon taxes, and globalist agenda that includes eating bugs. Globalism revolves around turning us all into serfs and slaves of the ruling class elites who know that the OPTIONS capitalism brings would make a ruling class elite OBSOLETE.

Although most people like to talk about inherited wealth, what’s often ignored is how capitalism can make a rich person BANKRUPT, socialism, and globalism prevents the elites from going bankrupt, and that’s the main reason why the globalist are hell-bent on creating energy and food INSECURITY! Because if you’re struggling to just eat, the last thing you’re going to think to do is dethrone the people responsible for giving you a welfare check!

Nearly 6 million people in Canada experienced food insecurity in 2021, U of T study says

Interesting times ahead!