The NDP and Ontario Teachers Union try to score political points for Doug Ford Stance on SCHOOL CHOICE: Demonic Teachers’ union and opposition parties slam Ontario’s back-to-school plan – January 12, 2022,

I’m disgusted with what’s been happening to children the last three years, the politicians have been all about flexing their political muscles. What most politicians in Canada are doing is they’re looking at the polling data and basing their decisions on the polling data. In Chicago Illinois recently, the teachers union refused to go back to work. To the surprise of many Lori Lightfoot looking at the polling date fought back against the teachers union.

A very left-wing U.S State of Virginia recently voted for a Republican named Glenn Youngkin and they voted for Glenn Youngkin not because the people of Virginia all of sudden became Trump supporters, they voted for Glenn Youngkin because of Critical Race Theory and the Democrat Politician being in the back pocket of the tyrannical teachers union.

To date, Dog Ford appears to be making most of his policy decisions based on economics and “the science”. Meaning that he’s opening the schools because children are at very low risk of death and keeping children locked up in their homes is not healthy. On the flip side to this are the NDP and the Teachers Unions who are clearly basing their decisions on Ontarians overwhelmingly supporting draconian measures by the government.

There’s no exact data that states that parents would prefer their children stay home, but if you look at the numbers the NDP and the teachers union both of whom based on their policies put children’s health a distant second to their political ideals are seeking an opportunity to score a win on Doug Ford who by the way has been pushing school choice, something the NDP and the obviously the Teachers Union are against. This move by the NDP and teachers union is purely political, they’re looking for leverage and looking to score a victory against Doug Ford who they imagine is becoming unpopular amongst Ontarians.

One thing I’ll tell you, there’s no way in hell I ever want to see any person from the NDP ever becoming Premier in Ontario, because this political stunt by the NDP and the teacher’s unions give a preview of how they’ll politicize everything if they’re ever given the chance to govern this province.

Teachers’ union and opposition parties slam Ontario’s back-to-school plan |

Interesting times ahead!