Jody Wilson-Raybould

Jody Wilson-Raybould

The New Bill Morneau: Will disgraced Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino be forced to step down after Embarassing Canada with The Emergency Act? – June 15, 2022,

Let’s be honest here, disgraced former Finance Minister Bill Morneau could have turned on Justin Trudeau, but he took responsibility for being Justin Trudeau’s puppet. Former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada Jody Wilson-Raybould revealed corruption in the Liberal Party of Canada. Because Canada’s media leans to the left what they do when Liberal corruption is exposed by another Left Winger is they sweep it under the rug.

Justin Trudeau and his corruption are better than Conservative corruption are how these people justify their actions. Meaning that no matter how corrupt Justin Trudeau is, there are a lot of people who will cover for him. Women, in general, believe in Left-WIng ideals because they imagine they’re building a world, however, Left-Wing men, are far more sinister. The reason Left-Wing men are far more sinister is that when they have to DEBATE their ideas without the ability of SILENCING or censoring their opposition, they’re quickly faced with the inconsistencies of their “beliefs”.

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There’s a reason why Conservative Women tend to rise to positions of political RESPECTABILITY, in a male-dominated world, faster than Liberal women. Conservative women, have to be CONSISTENT, when women are CONSISTENT, men of substance, have to listen. It’s extremely hard to be consistent when you’re a Left Wing woman. As an example, how can you claim to be a caring woman, when you’re Pro-choice? kILLING a defenseless child, for ANY REASON? One of the slogans I see from the Pro-choice crowd is that they don’t want a world in which women use hangers to abort babies they don’t want?

It’s hard to be CONSISTENT if you’re a Leftist Female politician. But Jody Wilson-Raybould at least attempted it. Why corruption is ever-present in the Liberal Party is because consistency would end their reign of terror. The headlines read that the Emergencies Act was employed for the Borders, the evidence suggests it all revolved around the Ottawa Protests.

In fairness to the Former Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly, who said openly the “Freedom Convoy” protest that turned into a multi-week occupation of downtown Ottawa was an “unprecedented security crisis” for which institutions, including the police, were unprepared. But he didn’t say a NATIONAL security crisis. I tend to lean more toward the problem of towing trucks as the main problem Ottawa Police faced.

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Arrest everyone and or clear the streets of PEOPLE was easy, the challenge was moving the trucks. If people remember, Tow Truck drivers are also TRUCKERS and Former Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly couldn’t force tow truck drivers to do anything. Well, if you look at what’s been happening with Ottawa Police chiefs, you’ll notice how far removed Former Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly now is. Sloly was replaced by Steve Bell, who said he did not ask the federal government to invoke the Emergencies Act in February during the Freedom Convoy.

Ottawa’s interim police chief didn’t ask for Emergencies Act during Freedom Convoy |

Ottawa’s interim police chief says he did not ask the federal government to invoke the Emergencies Act in February during the Freedom Convoy.

I interpret the invoking of the Emergencies Act as OPTICS. Trudeau in my opinion didn’t like the optics of people getting arrested and the no branch of government having the ability to tow the trucks. I wrote about Steve Bell, in a prior post and his tough-talking demeanor, as if Peter Sloly hadn’t thought of that.

Peter Sloly appeared to have been more diplomatic with the protestors, whereas Steve Bell was more aggressive, but if you looked at things from the Liberal’s perspective, let’s say Steve Bell clears the streets of protestors, but the Trucks aren’t being towed fast enough? Invoking the Emergencies Act, kills two birds with one stone, because now Tow Truck drivers can no longer refuse to tow the trucks of their fellow protestors.

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I personally think the money confiscation was a short-sighted power play on the part of Trudeau. Once a few Liberals realized the power afforded them with the Emergency Act, they thought to themselves why don’t we make it sting a little more by FREEZING bank accounts. ‘power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely’. Those are my thoughts on Emergency Act, that’s what I imagined happened. Steve Bell is one of those cops in my view that merely does his job and I think his plan to get rid of the protestors would have worked WITHOUT the Emergencies Act the problem is he couldn’t force Tow Truck drivers to act.

I think Ottawa streets would have been littered with Trucks and arrested truck drivers and only a handful of tow trucks to clean up the mess. This would have taken weeks instead of days to fix. The Emergencies Act changed this. But Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino not only lied but initially it appears he tried to insinuate other branches of government were responsible for his decision to recommend the Emergency Act.

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I don’t know how this story will end, but this is beginning to remind me of the fall of the now DISGRACED former Finance Minister Bill Morneau, who at the very least was a close friend to Justin Trudeau. I personally think it will be easier for Justin Trudeau to throw Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino under the bus. Bill Morneau is RICH, he was actually taking a pay cut as Finance minister. I’m not sure how wealthy Marco Mendicino is, but if Trudeau can put the blame on Marco Mendicino, this might be the end of Marco Mendicino’s political career.

As you can tell by the article below, the CBC is already okay with the idea of blaming Mendicino for everything. This will clear Trudeau, and make it appear as though Trudeau and Freeland were merely following the advice given to them by Marco Mendicino. If I was a Liberal, I’d buy into that narrative, blame Marco Mendicino, and then claim it’s time for us to move on from this. If Marco Mendicino wants to save his name, he’d better speak up fast, because once he gets blamed for this, his life will change forever!

Questions about who wanted Emergencies Act deployed prompt Conservative calls for Mendicino to resign |

Interesting times ahead!