The Perfect Example of BIG GOVERNMENT Stupidity: Quebec Government Regulations cause medical professionals to quit- So Quebec imposes COVID-19 curfew starting on New Year’s Eve😂 – December 30, 2021,

First and foremost, Canada has something called “Transfer Payments”. Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories, how this transfer payments system works is if a few provinces are doing better than other provinces, the Federal government will steal money from the productive provinces and give that surplus money to the unproductive provinces.

Quebec is known as one of Canada’s more populous provinces and the Quebec public sector is often reliant on money from Canada’s Western provinces. The point I’m trying to make here is that when the Federal government rewards stupidity expect more of it. Quebec is a regulations NIGHTMARE, known for its supply management and corporate welfare, the government of Quebec has been dumb for a long time, because there’ no incentive for it to ever do anything economically sound.

The end result is perpetual deficits and now, because all of Canada is for the most part under the control of big government, shortages are becoming a real problem in Quebec. Currently, it’s labor shortages, thank God for Quebec the Canadian fiat dollar is still respectable on the global stage otherwise, labor shortages wouldn’t be their only problem.

Anyway, this is the perfect example of big government stupidity, the Premier and idiots in charge of Quebec a few months back gave their already dwindling medical staff an ultimatum and a lot of medical professionals did what I would have done, had some piece of shit politician in a FREE COUNTRY tried to force me to put something in my body I didn’t want in it, THEY QUIT!

There’s a nursing shortage in Quebec. Here’s why one nurse quit and another is on the brink | CBC

I wish more union people would quit their jobs instead of running to the government whenever they want a pay raise. The stupidity of humans boggles the mind sometimes, anyway, because there’s a labor shortage, during a period in which there should be a labor SURPLUS, the people of Quebec now have to sit how for new years eve. This is is pathetic! How anyone could worship at the alter of a politician or a business person is beyond my comprehension. We ARE FREE HUMAN BEINGS The whole purpose of Western civilization is FREEDOM, but obviously, a lot of people are sell-outs and would rather security from the government.

As you can clearly see and this happens in third world nations, when people feel forced to do things, they’ll be less productive. If you know anything about slavery, the slaves of all races were excellent at wasting the ‘masters’ time, intentionally being inefficient and uncreative. America was all agriculture until capitalism came along, then mysteriously, free humans with the incentive to be productive began inventing and innovating things to make human life more enjoyable? Weird isn’t it? Free-spirited, Freedom-loving, Free markets create an abundance of things? Big government, big religion destroys things? It’s almost like children, teens, and adults don’t like to be pushed around all the time? and if you allow people their freedom they’ll reward you with abundance!


CP NewsAlert: Quebec imposes COVID-19 nighttime curfew starting on New Year’s Eve |

Interesting times ahead!