The Perfect Reason Why CENSORSHIP IS BAD: OTTAWA’s Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly bans the EXPORT of cigarettes, caviar, alcoholic drinks, designer clothing, training shoes and sportswear to Russia, potential RECESSION looms for Canada – May 20, 2022,

A little context here, a few months ago Feminist Justin Trudeau and his cabinet decided to freeze the bank accounts of protestors they disagreed with politically. Justin Trudeau refused to meet with the protestors because, in a nutshell, he didn’t like what he thought they represented. The end result of this is that a lot of Mainstream media outlets are CENSORING content it imagines doesn’t align with the vision Justin Trudeau has for Canada.

Why this matters regarding what Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly is doing by banning CERTAIN EXPORTS to Russia is that the Liberal Party of Canada is only listening to ONE SIDE of the story. I’m sure it feels good for a Leftist to feel like it’s making a difference by deciding for the Private Sector that it can no longer make a profit in Russia, but I’d like to point out that just like Justin Trudeau has people that don’t like him in Canada, Vladimir Putin has people in Russia that don’t like him

When Justin Trudeau decided to freeze the bank accounts of Canadians that his government claimed supported the freedom convoy, this PERMANENTLY changed the behaviors of Canadians, who are NOW self-censoring themselves. Well, in Russia, the people have been self-Censoring themselves since the days of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics(USSR).

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Even people who may pretend to support Putin, do so out of fear, of what will happen to them or their families if they don’t support Putin. When Canada’s Federal Government, bans exports, I assume the goal is to send a message to the Russian people that we disagree with Putin’s war and we want you to feel some economic pain? But as those of us being censored know, if Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly wanted to make Russia feel some pain she’d tell Justin Trudeau to at least TEMPORARILY end his war with fossil fuels.

To the benefit of Russia, Oil is priced in U.S dollars, meaning that when Russia sells its oil, even if the oil is purchased in Russian Roubles, its marketplace value is priced in U.S dollars. Just like Canada, Russia can’t allow its currency to fall down too much, but the Rouble falling in its relation to the U.S dollar was actually a stimulant to its war effort.

Why Russia didn’t want its currency to fall too low was because it does rely on exports and domestically that would be a disaster for Russians on fixed incomes. Now, I have to assume the Canadian government comprehends this, but what’s so silly about their ban is that for the most part, Canada sells Russian luxury goods? cigarettes, alcoholic drinks, designer clothing, training shoes, and sportswear these consumer items aren’t NECESSITIES, these are luxury goods that Russians can purchase elsewhere.

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So instead of Russians having to feel the pain of Canada pumping oil and lowering the price of oil, which makes financing their war far more expensive(Oil is priced in US dollars, not Russian Roubles), Russians have to feel the wrath of Canada not sending them luxury goods?

For people unaware of the Euro Dolar market, there are actually more U.S dollars in circulation OUTSIDE of the United States than there are inside of the United States. For Canadians who travel, you know that most countries don’t recognize Canadian cash, but U.S dollars are accepted anywhere, in fact in most countries outside of the United States they can even check if a U.S dollar is a counterfeit.

I bring this up because although the U.S and other NATO countries are trying to make it difficult for the Russian government to have U.S dollars, there are so many U.S dollars flushing around all over the world, that the Russian government to date isn’t having any trouble buying them. This is one of the reasons why sanctions and all of these bans are not working as they had hoped.

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Now, will these bans work eventually? Maybe, but how many times does Canada have to shoot itself in the foot before Canada turns winds up in a recession. You have to also understand that the world is watching all of this, just because mainstream media and Big Tech is censoring certain information, doesn’t mean that people interested in this stuff won’t do their research.

With every new government regulation on the economy, it will be harder for Canada to get out of a recession. . You have to remember these are customers a lot of Canadian businesses won’t have anymore, which could lead to job cuts, furthermore both New Zealand and the United States have waged war against Canada’s Supply Management system?

New Zealand targets supply management system to get better access to Canada’s dairy market

The current Federal Government is regulating all sorts of things and it has no intentions of ending these practices. When it’s all said and done, if the Canadian economy goes into recession and the current Canadian government refuses to back down from its regulations on the private sector, Canada could quickly end up in a depression. Now, a depression with fiat money, usually ends in hyperinflation, why? Because when the money dries up and the Private banks want nothing to do with the disaster Justin Trudeau created.

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During economic downturns, people want and will demand EASY ANSWERS, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the Bank of Canada goes, to negative interest rates and the Justin Trudeau starts the spending increases the deficit, even more, the problem is that Canadian exports will still be STRADDLED with regulations, meaning that even if the numbers look good, the cost of living will likely rise even higher than it’s rising right now. Prepare yourselves accordingly.

Russian vodka, caviar and diamonds on new Canadian sanctions list |

Interesting times ahead!