The Pierre Poilievre Threat Is Indeed Scaring The Liberal Party of Canada: Trudeau says COVID-19 border restrictions were ‘no longer justified – September 26, 2022,

After destroying the 2022 summer of millions of vaccinated and unvaccinated Canadians, Justin Trudeau announced that he will end border restrictions. Anyone can be visible nervous for any reason, but it is interesting to observe Justin Trudeau during the press conference as his usually confident drama teacher demeanor appeared rather feeble with a touch of nervous energy.

I’ve made a point in a prior post to claim that Trudeau’s training as a drama teacher should be commended because a lot of his tyrannical speeches since he was first elected in 2015 were delivered with PRECISION. If you’re not a believer in Liberty, Freedom, and a strong economy, I could see why you would buy into Justin Trudeau. There are indeed people who image Prime Ministers and Presidents and Kings and Queens of a country, and Trudeau plays into that crowd very well.

With that said, as many of us expected, it’s best to meet fire with fire, and Pierre Poilievre who, even if he lost a general election to Justin Trudeau, would make a potential election VERY competitive. I remind the reader that although the Liberals got more SEATS in 2021, Justin Trudeau actually got a SMALLER percentage of the vote, compared to the 2019 election.

Initially, I thought Erin O’Toole would win be DEFAULT, but then O’Toole opened his mouth, and Jagmeet Singh REFUSED to run a competitive election campaign against Trudeau. One could argue Trudeau’s 2021 win was his most STRATEGIC election win to date, which HID his unpopularity amongst Canadians. I
‘ve also argued that if the NDP decided to replace Jagmeet Singh with someone COMPETENT, who actually wants to BEAT Trudeau, Justin is FINISHED!

I bring this up because Pierre Poilievre is compounding problems for the Liberal Party of Canada, which can’t even make a moral appeal for Canadians NOT to vote for Pierre Poilievre. There’s nothing moral about Justin Trudeau; in fact, never have I seen Canadian politics this IMMORAL, which puts Trudeau in a position in which the best option is beginning to look like him stepping down.

Will Trudeau step down? I’m not sure; it had looked like Chrystia Freeland would be Trudeau’s replacement until she made the decision to be the one who announced that she would CONFISCATE money from individuals who didn’t share her political beliefs. That speech Chrystia Freeland made is now a permanent scar in Canadian history; the whole world has this speech because it was that big of a deal.

Making matters worst is that if Trudeau loses, the Liberal Party of Canada will likely be dethroned by the NDP for the Left Wing vote, and the NDP will have no incentive to resurrect the Liberals from the dead. I’m being very serious when I say Justin Trudeau may indeed be the only thing the Liberals have left, they bet big on him, and after he loses, they will have to rebrand the Party.

I’ve never thought being more like your opponent was a smart idea; there are times in history in which it’s your turn to LOSE; in my opinion, while you’re losing, this is the time to EDUCATE voters about what separates you from your opposition, Justin Trudeau beat Stephen Harper bad, because Trudeau was everything Harper wasn’t infact Trudeau at the time was going to shrink a portion of the government by making Pot legal.

I don’t smoke or consume pot, but I have friends who do, and these single-issue voters showed up for Trudeau in LARGE numbers; it was the only Majority government Trudeau got to date. Since then, Trudeau has dissolved into the scummiest politician in Canadian history, scandal after scandal, demonizing his political opponents, being as diffusive as possible, creating enemies UNNECESSARILY; Trudeau is the blueprint of what you SHOULDN’T do if you want to unite people.

But how, then, did he win? Trudeau won because his opposition tried to mirror him instead of OPPOSING him; although Trudeau hijacked the NDP platform, the NDP could have pivoted; Maxime Bernier clearly had the right idea when as a Conservative, his idea was to get at Trudeau head-on, Andrew Scheer, took the opposite approach, trying to out Trudeau, Trudeau.

Maybe Maxime Bernier would have lost to Trudeau in 2019. Still, we all know it would have been a VERY competitive race because Maxime Bernier, the Conservative, would have likely had STRONG support n Quebec and would likely have had to back down with his wanting to dismantle Supply Management. So here e have Pierre Poilievre, who supports supply management and will likely have no problem pivoting to centre, if need be.

Being that morals are thrown out the window, you can see why and how Pierre Poilievre becomes a serious threat to Justin Trudeau, who I expect will likely have to find himself pivoting back to the centre, to avoid Pierre Poilievre taking more votes from him. This is one of the reasons why it WOULDN’T SURPRISE me if Trudeau stepped down because I imagine his handlers are trying to find a way to wind from Poilievre’s sails, and whether Trudeau agrees with it or not, he’d be wise to heed their advice.

In his speech I point to below, pay attention to the words he uses, he points to experts as the reasoning for making his decision, but the experts in other parts of the world made these announcements MONTHS ago, so likely it’s his political science experts, who are telling him, that he’d better change to stifle Pierre Poilievre’spopularity and allow the media to do their part in destroying Pierre Poilievre.

I absolutely believe the smear campaigns against Pierre Poilievre have just started, and if Trudeau can pivot his way to being the SAFE bet, he could make a potential election really competitive. It’s a risky game because if the smears don’t work, we could see Pierre Poilievre getting a majority which would signal the END of the Justin Trudeau era.

Trudeau says COVID-19 border restrictions were ‘no longer justified’

Interesting times ahead!