The Progressive Era of Blatant Lies and Incompetence: Tyrannical Transport Minister Omar Alghabra, claims ‘No evidence whatsoever’ that ArriveCAN app causes problems – August 20, 2022,



The modern era Progressives, if anything else, are extremely annoying if you are accustomed to COMPETENCE, one of the dumbest things I’ve heard a politician say this month came out of the mouth of Transport Minister Omar Alghabra; consider reading his statement below

“I’ve been consistent since May. Labour shortage is the root cause of airport congestion; labour shortage at airports, labour shortage at airlines, labour shortage at other agencies,” he said.

‘No evidence whatsoever’ that ArriveCAN app causes problems, transport minister tells MPs |

Now, anyone with common sense would ask, well… what’s causing labour shortages? If you answered FEDERAL regulations on travel, you might be onto something, but it’s like Omar Alghabra can’t make the connection. What’s even more annoying when you think about Omar Alghabra is when he talked about the surge in Canada’s flights compared to the United States now I remind you that Justin Trudeau has been Prime Minister of Canada since 2015, and all the Federal rules and regulations created by the Alghabra, Trudeau government DIFFER from that in the United States, since January 2022. Consider that when Alghabra makes the following argument.

Alghabra said a huge surge in travel has been the main driver of problems in airline travel, saying that Canada’s flights have surged more than 250 per cent since January, compared to just a 63 per cent increase in the U.S.
‘No evidence whatsoever’ that ArriveCAN app causes problems, transport minister tells MPs |

In case you’re not following here, the reason for the SURGE is because of the CHANGES made by Trudeau’s Liberals vs the lack of changes in the United States. There is no ArriveCAN equivalent APP in the United States, which basically proves the point the opposition to Omar Alghabra is trying to make that the ArriveCAN APP should be scrapped.

But you see we’re in the era of blatant lies and/or incompetence because Progressives lie so much, they’re merging the words lies and incompetence. In business, lies and incompetence yield the same results, if I make a promise to a customer and I can’t deliver because I’m incompetent, it’s the same RESULT as if I had lied to the customer.

Now, as a private business, when I lie or I’m incompetent, I go bankrupt, wen it comes to the government, their lies and incompetence equate to an ever-increasing paycheck and nice fat pension! So, in actuality, Canadians are rewarding Transport Minister Omar Alghabra for being both a liar and incompetent. Fortunately for Transport Minister Omar Alghabra when he says Canada’s flights have surged more than 250 per cent since January what he’s actually saying politically is that this is not an issue for most Canadians, which is true, traveling is more of a LUXURY, that the average Canadian will never enjoy and it’s for this reason, why lies and incompetence like travel doesn’t do much in the polls.

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As an example, in Toronto, where I live, it’s an open secret to drive across the U.S-Canada border and fly from Buffalo, New York, to wherever you’re going. Yes, the Ontario-New York border can be busy at times, but it’s WAY better than using Pearson Airport. Why I bring this up is because one of the reasons Pearson Airport moved from the worst airport in the world to the 2nd worse could be that Ontarians are finding creative ways to avoid using it.

Once you’re vaccinated, you don’t need to use any Canadian airport, which kind of defeats the purpose of getting vaccinated for travel purposes, but hey, people adjust. Before I close, I have to remind the reader that in the 2019 and 2021 Federal elections, Justin Trudeau did NOT win a majority government, but he’s been able to govern as if he had one, going so far as to making himself a dictator for a few days.

The current Jagmeet Singh-led New Democratic Party(NDP) has been anything but Democratic, allowing Justin Trudeau to rule with impunity in hopes of getting a few political biscuits. The incompetence of this Liberal NDP merger has made me hopeful for democracy because truth be told, Canadian voters have spoken, and the Liberals aren’t popular, losing the popular vote TWICE.

Justin Trudeau, however, has been very STRATEGIC, allowing his incompetence to linger on. I do think Liberal lies and incompetence are hurting both the NDP and Liberals, but I don’t know if that many Canadians care about what’s happening at airports or border crossings because a large chunk of Canadians can’t travel either because they have no money or they’re not vaccinated, so on this issue, this is why the average Canadian won’t think critically about the arguments being made by Transport Minister Omar Alghabra.

If I’m not traveling, I’m not downloading the ArriveCAN APP, so I don’t even have to pretend to care; I’m pretty sure the Liberals have since the download numbers, and in comparison to the total number of Canadians, I’m pretty sure the numbers are quite small, worse still is that the ArriveCAN APP gives the Liberals a glimpse into support for their government because that APP asks for a lot of PERSONAL information.

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If the Liberals feel it’s unpopular, they might dangle scrapping it if there’s a snap election while at the same time claiming that they were saving lives. We are living in the progressive era of lies and incompetence, in which everything is politicized, which allows for Liberty and Freedom to take a backseat to tyranny and Big Government. How long will it take until Canadians reject The Nanny State?

‘No evidence whatsoever’ that ArriveCAN app causes problems, transport minister tells MPs |

Interesting times ahead!