The “Progressive” War on fossil fuels is financing the Russian War Machine: A Ukraine victory in 2023 would be ‘big boost’ to global economy, according To Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland – January 25, 2023,


Progressives, as well as socialists, are ideologically driven; in the world of a Left Winger, economics should ALWAYS take a backseat to their ideological objectives. This is why Progressive politics often lead to the DESTRUCTION of the economy. It’s very uncomfortable for most Conservatives to observe Progressive politicians because, for people like me, we can see through their bullshit. When I listen to people like Chrystia Freeland I have to remind myself that I have acquired knowledge the average VOTING-age person is likely not interested in.


Most of Canada’s current ECONOMIC and Financial problems are due in large part because of mismanagement by the Federal government, this even includes the war between Ukraine and Russia. Even if I believed that man-made climate change was a thing, I would put human life AHEAD of politics. Justin Trudeau and the current Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, Chrystia Freeland disagree with me; they believe that THE GOVERNMENT of Canada needs to prioritize climate change and hope for the best in Ukraine.


I’m not the biggest Donald Trump fan, but Trump’s ECONOMIC policies had oil prices at all-time lows, primarily because his priority wasn’t to phase it out; this policy was one of the reasons Putin didn’t declare war on Ukraine. Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland and Justin Trudeau oddly enough, were the beneficiaries of Trump’s ECONOMIC policies, as Trump allowed Chrystia Freeland to appear competent because a thriving economy for Canada’s largest trading partner benefits Canada greatly.

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Joe Biden is the current President of the U.S., and Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau have very similar ECONOMIC agendas; even if you’re a fan of Trudeau’s economic agenda, you have to admit it’s very EXPENSIVE. Justin has not only overly regulated Canada’s energy sector, he also created a carbon tax; making matters worse, Justin Trudeau is sending money HE borrowed from the Bank of Canada and sending it to Ukraine.

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Because of Justin’s war on fossil fuels, the Bank of Canada has been forced to raise interest rates, meaning that money Trudeau borrows is getting more expensive. When you finance war, you’re basically DESTROYING MONEY and RESOURCES in HOPES that the entity you support wins a war. This is all and well, when you’re NOT in debt, but when you’re in debt and declaring war on what many call your own PETRODOLLAR, one has to ask the question, what is Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland talking about when she argues “A Ukraine victory in 2023 would be ‘big boost’ to global economy.”

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If oil prices were low, Russia would have far more competition in the energy sector; currently, nations are still financing the Russian war machine because there is no viable alternative; you have to remember, if you’re on the side of the nations that want to phase out fossil fuels, your country is likely getting POORER.

Crisis-hit Sri Lanka — which ran out of fuel earlier this year — snaps up cheap Russian oil for the first time ever |

Sri Lanka made the news by scooping up Russian oil, but they’re not the only country; if I’m a politician in a third-world country, I’m not waiting for Western Nations to get their act together because when my third-world VOTERS are hungry, voters go crazy. In the third world, things could get violent fast, and because of modern western progressive policies which have declared war on fossil fuels, Russian oil and gas seem like a great option for STABILITY.

When it comes to oil and gas, once I buy it, I can stick whatever label I want on it; maybe I don’t buy it from Russia directly, or maybe I use a conduit to avoid scrutiny from Western nations, leaders of foreign nations aren’t dumb, and you shouldn’t be either. Now, one has to admit that an might be partially right.

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If the Ukrainians won the war(very unlikely), the markets would likely rally, but likely not for long because the economy was on the decline long before Russia invaded Ukraine. The economy went on the decline soon after Joe Biden became president of the United States. Economic policies matter, and Joe Biden and Justin Trueau are united in there hope to destroy fossil fuels.

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Russia and most OPEC regions have no such desire; OPEC+ will be VERY happy if Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau are successful in phasing out their country’s DOMESTIC fossil fuel production, as it will make the U.S., Canada, and other western nations 100% reliant on OPEC+ to provide them with their energy needs. This obviously equates to more wars because if western nations require hostile nations to SELL them energy, well then hostile nations to the west can declare war whenever they want to.

A Ukraine victory in 2023 would be ‘big boost’ to global economy, Freeland says |


Interesting times ahead!